Find Lasting Peace In Every Season: It’s Something On The Inside

Do you ever struggle to find lasting peace in your life? It’s not always easy. I’m a single dad and a homeowner with a full-time job. Peace? How can I find peace when I’m always running? The answer is easier than you realize. Lasting peace comes from within. In today’s post, I offer you an easy way to find lasting peace.

The Holiday Season Is Upon Us

People are rushing to and fro to get their last-miniute Christmas gifts. You might be planning a trip to relatives. Things may seem a bit chaotic. But it’s only as chaotic as you make it. 

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Have you ever heard this quote? “No God, no peace. Know God, know peace.”

There’s a lot of truth in those words, but don’t rush off to join a new church. Don’t add more volunteer work to your plate at your current church home. You’ll just wind up adding to the clutter that kills lasting peace.

Have you ever noticed that Buddhist monks seem to have more inner-peace than the majority of Christians? Do you think there might be a reason for this? Of course there is. Buddhist monks live lives of stark simplicity. The less distractions you have in your life, the more peace you’ll find.

Christmas has often been said to be a season of peace. How peaceful did it feel at the mall when you were rushing around shopping? Joshua Becker of Becoming Minimalist suggests giving peace instead of all the gifts. That’s a good start. But it goes further:

Lasting Peace Starts On The Inside

Most religious folk look for their hope, their salvation, their God, outside of themselves. This requires that they continually search, read books, listen to sermons, do good. It makes one feel like finding God is an endless battle. Endless battles do not bring lasting peace. 

What if I told you that you don’t have to do anything religious in order to find lasting peace? I’m not anti-religious. I consider myself a follower of Christ. But I also know where Christ lives. He lives inside me. He guides me. He brings me peace from within. If I get excited, frustrated or angry, it’s because I’m trying too hard to find peace on the outside. That doesn’t work.

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This holiday season I challenge you to discover lasting peace by doing less. Do less shopping. Do less decorating. Do less eating. Do less church-going. Stop looking for peace and contentment through material things and busy activities. Stop rushing. Relax. Look within. Pray.

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