How Living With Less Leads To Getting More Done

Do you have dreams? Are there things in life you want to accomplish, but you never seem to find the time? Maybe you want to open a business. Maybe you’d like to write a book. Maybe you want to run a marathon. But you just can’t find the time. What if told you that the key is to downsize. That’s right. Less equals more.

You’ve heard the old saying: less equals more. If you want to be more productive, that’s absolute truth.

I used to own twice as much stuff as I own today. I used to live in a bigger house. I had three cars. I was up to my neck in debt. All that stuff took time and money to deal with. I was working two jobs and barely making ends meet. I had no time to follow my dream of writing a book. I was a slave to my stuff.

Realize That Less Equals More

About five years ago I said, “ENOUGH.” I did a major downsizing. I rented a small house. I quit one job. I sold my extra cars. I cleared my schedule of excessive activities. I quit watching TV. Guess what? I discovered that I had three times as much time. I discovered that less equals more.

Since then, I’ve accomplished the following:

  • I’ve written and published three books.
  • I’ve lost 30 pounds through exercise.
  • I’ve written and recorded several dozen songs.
  • I’ve started several blogs.
  • I’ve more than tripled my blog traffic at Hip Diggs.
  • I’ve developed and taught an online social media course.
  • I’m successfully raising my 11-year-old daughter.
  • I’ve bought a small home and completed several home improvement projects.

I don’t tell you all of this to brag. I tell you this so that you know it’s possible to accomplish more than you’ve ever dreamed possible in life. And I’m just beginning. I’m in the process of writing articles for several major publications and I’m writing another book. I’m going to keep going. I’m also going to keep downsizing. Why. Because less equals more.

Get More Done By Clearing Your Plate

Here’s a simple 5-step strategy you can follow:

  1. Do an inventory: The first step is to write down everything you have that either takes money or time to keep up. Remember, money equals time. If it takes a lot of money to keep up your lifestyle, your time will be spent working your butt off. You’ll never have time to work on your personal dreams and goals.
  2. Downsize: Be realistic. Don’t talk yourself into keeping stuff you don’t need. But you don’t have to go extreme and live in a 150-square-foot house either. Find a happy medium that works for you. Let enough go that it frees you of excess responsibilities.
  3. Clear your schedule: Just as you did an inventory for your belongings, do the same for your schedule. Remember, less equals more.
  4. Reduce waste: Some belongings and activities are just plain wasteful. I used to have a classic 1967 Ford F250. It cost me an arm and a leg to keep up. I used to watch a lot of TV. That’s just a waste of time. The same goes for video games and idle time frequenting bars. Reduce your wasted time.
  5. Get more done: Start replacing your old habits with productive habits. Set times to start working on your goals. Whether it’s writing a book or running a marathon, you’ll need to set specific days and times to work. In time, it will become automatic.

Get More Done By Doing Less

It’s true. Less equals more. When you let go of belongings, you’ll have less responsibility. That will give you more time. When you clear your schedule, you make more time to follow your dreams. When you stop participating in wasteful activities, you’ll get more productive.

If you want to get started on the road to getting more done, I have a free ebook that can help. Just click the link below to get your PDF copy:

The Happiness Of Simple


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