The Problem Of Dwelling On The Past

Have you ever dwelled on your past? Have you let your past mistakes stop you from moving forward? Don’t. The past can teach us lessons. We must learn the lesson and move on. Let go. Today’s post is a short excerpt from my free ebook, Get Back To Where You Are

Do You Dwell On The Past?

Do you wish you could go back to certain times and places in your life? Were there times you made mistakes that you now wish you could change? What if I told you that you can make those changes?

The Problems Of Dwelling On The Past

  1. You get stuck: When you dwell on someone from your past, you get stuck. Imagine the person as another empty boat. Their boat once flowed next to yours. Now imagine their boat flowing in another direction. Their drift is not your drift. They have moved forward. When you get stuck in the past, it’s like you’re in a log jam on the river. 
  2. You can’t fix it: Whatever happened in the past cannot be fixed. It is done. The water has flowed under the bridge. You cannot go back. You cannot fix it. Don’t fret. Not all is lost.  
  3. You can’t go back: The river does not flow in reverse. Life cannot be lived backward. You must move forward. When you dwell on the past, you essentially break the laws of nature.
  4. You sabotage your present: You are in the present. You have no other choice. When you dwell on the past, you create the counter-drift that I mentioned before. Remember, the counter-drift is not real. You are trying to pull yourself back, but you can’t. The flow moves you forward. You do not see the benefit of your current position because you are fighting the flow by dwelling on the past. 

Think About These Things

  • You can’t undrop out of school.
  • You can’t be unfired.
  • You can’t get an undivorce.
  • You can’t undrink.
  • You can’t unsmoke.
  • You can’t uneat.
  • You can’t unsteal.   
  • You can’t undo anything that’s been done.

There is something you can do to change the mistakes of your past. It’s simple. 

Find The Lesson

In every thing we do there is a lesson. If you’d like to let go of things in your past, read more of my book, Get Back To Where You Are. It’s free. When we learn how to apply our past mistakes and regrets to our present course, we learn to let go.

Let go of your past. Let go of your fear. Find the lesson and move forward. Sign up for the Hip Diggs mailing list and get the free ebook, Get Back To Where You Are. You’ll learn the valuable lesson of how to let go.

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