Light For The Journey Before You


For some, this is not a happy season. You may have suffered a recent loss. You may be overwhelmed with the busyness of it all. Whatever the reason, if you’re struggling through the holidays, you’re not alone. Many people do.

Take a moment to reflect on the Spirit of Christmas. No matter your belief, the Christmas Spirit is one of hope, happiness, and renewal. The traditional Christmas story offers light in the darkness. The light shines for all. The light shines for you. Don’t give up. 

Living simple grows from life experience. I spent many years learning to let go of my ideas of what I thought it meant to be successful. Just as the story of Christmas has humble beginnings, so does your journey to live a simple life. It’s not easy. You have to allow the light to shine into your darkest places.   

My Christmas Wish For You

Let the light shine on your clutter so you see what you don’t need.

Let it shine on your schedule so you learn to say no.

Let the light shine on your stress so you begin to relax.

Let it shine in your kitchen so you eat healthier.

Let the light shine on your body so you exercise more.

Let it shine in your home to replace technology.   

Let the light shine in your heart so you can share it with your family.

Let it shine from your hands in the form of a creative hobby.

Let the light shine in your mind as you seek new knowledge.

Let it shine from your spirit as you take time to be thankful. 

This is the season of light.

May it shine on you for the journey.

Merry Christmas to you and all those you love.

The story began with a simple light.

Take it with you.

Live simple and let it shine.

* * *

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James Ewen
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