Live Your Dream: It’s Not About The Future, It’s About Now

Do you want to write a book? Do you dream of having a bestseller? Do you want a great blog to support your writing? What does it take? Persistence. Never give up! Hip Diggs encourages you to take a chance and live your dream. 

I’m going to level with you. Most bloggers don’t make any money blogging. Most writers don’t sell more than a few hundred books. But if financial success is all you’re thinking about, you’ve got it all wrong. There’s something more. It’s not about the money. It’s about the dream. Never give up on your dream.

Dreams Are Not Always About The Future

I live my dream every day. Every time I write a blog post or work on a book project, I’m living my dream. It’s about doing things in the here and now. If it’s always a future event, you’ll never reach it. You have to live your dream.

Living your dream is what matters. Getting your story out there is more important than the money. Don’t fear it. Just do it. If you write your story and keep sharing, you’ll get noticed. You may not get noticed by millions, but you’ll touch the lives of others. You might even touch one so profoundly that you’ll change, or even save their life. That’s important.

True Artists Never Give Up

True artists, writers, musicians, and bloggers, practice their craft out of love. They create, not to make money, but to live out their dream. And their dream has an effect on others. We’re all interconnected. We all play an important role. So never give up. Your message might be the one that saves another’s life. Don’t forget.

Dreams are about being motivated to help others. Dreams are about working to be your best at what you do every day.

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Live Your Dream Now!

When you live your dream, you can’t help but begin to make more connections with more people. More connections leads to more success and more sales.

This applies to more than writing and blogging. No matter what your dream is, you can live it. Whether you want to simplify your life or start a business, the key is in the doing. Don’t dream your dream. Don’t waste countless hours making plans. Live your dream.

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James Ewen
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