Lost In The Luxury Of Linens


Everybody loves soft fluffy pillows. Who doesn’t love warm cozy blankets and comforters and fine sheets? It feels so good to lay down on a soft bed and get lost in comfort.

Sorry to wake you up from your dreams, but we’ve got a problem. Most Americans have too many linens. Many people I know have closets stuffed with towels, sheets, blankets, quilts, and comforters: more than they’ll ever really use or need.

We seem to be lost in linens, always seeking a higher level of comfort. So what’s wrong with that?

Getting Lost In Comfort Leads To Less Motivation

Studies have shown that being too comfortable leads to becoming more complacent. If the stuff we own makes everything easier, why would we want to work harder to accomplish more?

I’m like anyone else. I like a comfortable bed and a good night’s sleep. But how many fluffy pillows and sets of sheets do you really need? How many extra blankets do we need in our linen closets?  

I’ve limited my linens to the basics:

  • One set of sheets per bed
  • Two pillows per bed
  • Enough blankets to stay warm
  • A couple extra blankets in the closet
  • Two sets of towels per person

I don’t see much reason for any more than the basic linens. Why keep all those extra throw pillows that just get in the way? Other than large families, who needs more than a shelf or two of extras in the closet?

Our Comfort Comes At Others’ Expense

Many minimalists don’t seem to like to talk about this, but people in other places around the world are being exploited to bring us comfort. If you’re buying your linens from large retailers, there’s a good chance that someone’s better well-being is lost in the process.

Check out this PDF: The Sweatshop Hall Of Shame.

There are alternatives. Check out Green America for ways you can avoid buying linens that were made in sweatshops.

While We’re Lost In Comfort, Some Have No Comfort

Recently, the UN reported risk of global fallout from debt crisis in poor countries. There are millions of people in the world that don’t have clean, comfortable bedding. They’re at risk for getting scabies and infections.

Americans may put too much emphasis on personal hygiene, but a lack of quality bedding is really unhealthy.

So perhaps instead of buying extra blankets and pillows for our own use, we should consider giving them to those in need. You can sponsor children and provide bed kits for those in need.

Visit, Sleeping Children Around The World, for more information and to get involved.

I also encourage you to go through your own linen closets and give extra blankets, sheets, and towels away to a local charity. 

I think you’ll be glad you did.

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