Minimalism Is My Sleeping Giant and It’s Stirring Again

Lately, something has been stirring deep within my soul. There’s a sleeping giant that is waking. The giant has always been there, has always been part of who I am. Its name is minimalism and the journey continues.

At the end of 2018, I stopped posting on a regular basis at Hip Diggs to focus on other work. Some of those projects include:

However, that doesn’t mean that I’m done at Hip Diggs. The site as you’ve known it may have come to an end, but minimalism and simple living still stir within me.

You Can’t Stop a Sleeping Giant from Waking

In the past, I’ve struggled with homeownership. I own a home. I love it and I hate it. That struggle continues. This might be the year I make a major decision about homeownership.

My struggle with owning more material stuff than I really need continues. The sleeping giant wants less. And so Hip Diggs will live on with a slightly different twist.

In the past, Hip Diggs has been a how-to kind of blog. Numbered posts taught readers simple life lessons in an effort to help you learn to live more simply. You can still access several years of Hip Diggs archives here. But I’m not a self-help guru. You’ll no longer find advice from me about minimalism unless I’m actually living it in real time.

I’m not going to be posting at Hip Diggs with the same frequency as I once did. Posts will no longer be added to the archives page. There will be less focus on links and newsletters and more focus on the now. This is both a continuing and a new journey in which I will:

  1. Strive to live more simply: This includes letting go of material possessions, downsizing my living space, and eliminating debt.
  2. Share my progress: It’s my hope that documenting this journey will inspire others in their own efforts to embrace minimalism.

Wake Up and Follow the Giant

I invite you to continue to follow my minimalist journey. Here’s how it will work. I’ll post something new only when I have something new to share based on my personal experiences.

In other words, rather than regurgitated posts that offer you 10 ways to become a minimalist, I’ll only post when I personally pay off a significant debt, sell a vehicle, put my house on the market, or get rid of a large amount of stuff, etc.

I’ll also continue to occasionally post my philosophical and spiritual thoughts on minimalism. The goal is not to become the next big thing in minimalist blogging. The goal is to inspire and encourage by personal example, and as always, I invite you along for the journey.

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