The Minimalist Entrepreneur: The Best Business Models Are Simple

I’ve often found myself in a quandary concerning capitalizing minimalism. It seems like a contradiction. But that doesn’t mean that one can’t be a minimalist and an entrepreneur.

Over the last two summers, my daughter, Annie ran a lemonade stand. We live on a semi-busy street so she can do fairly well at the right time of day. But what impresses me most about her entrepreneurial adventure is its simplicity. Here’s her list of needs:

  1. A small table
  2. A chair 
  3. A pitcher
  4. Some cups
  5. Lemonade mix

We already had the first three items around the house. Items 4 & 5 were all we needed to buy… and rebuy. 

A Good Business Doesn’t Need To Be Complex

Currently, I’m not making a profit operating Hip Diggs. It’s not my goal to make money from this blog. My goal is to become a better writer and spread the word about simple living.

But a side benefit of keeping this blog is that it gives me a growing platform to promote my writing. As I write more books and my work becomes more visible, I will begin to make a profit.

That doesn’t mean that’s all I’ll do. A good entrepreneur looks for multiple opportunities. But what about the minimalist? What makes a minimalist entrepreneur? It’s simple. One good product or service. That’s all you really need.

The Minimalist Entrepreneur Keeps It Simple

If you do a little research, you’ll discover that it’s smart to focus on a single product. Check out these articles:

This isn’t to say you can’t expand to a line of products in time, but focusing on one simple product or service can help you to streamline your time and energy.

Simple Logos Are Best

The minimalist entrepreneur also keeps the message simple. Did you ever notice that some of the most successful companies have the simplest logos? Think Nike, Starbucks, and Apple. Yes, these companies may have multiple lines of products, but their logos and messages are simple. 

When you think of Nike you think of athletic success. When you think of Starbucks you think of good coffee and conversation. With Apple, you think of a sleek line of innovative computer products. That’s intentional. Nike, Starbucks, and Apple all have a minimalist quality about them. And they all started with one simple idea.

Are You A Minimalist Entrepreneur?

Hip Diggs will remain simple: My message is all about how to simplify life, and this applies to business, too. As I get closer to retiring from my day job, I just might begin to offer more products and services. But for now, I’m keeping it simple.  

What about you? Do you have dreams of starting a business? If you do, remember, keep it simple.

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