Minimalist Music: One More Shot of Anderhill

Just because I’ll be done posting at Hip Diggs soon doesn’t mean I’ll quit making minimalist music. I have no problem with minimalism as an art form.

It’s minimalism as a lifestyle that I’m abandoning. I explain why in these posts:

The idea of stripping things down to the bare minimum is not what I take issue with. It’s the religious like fervor that goes along with being a “minimalist.” That’s not for me. That said, let’s get on with my most recent set of minimalist music tracks.

Making More Minimalist Music

Just before we moved in July, I produced eight more electronic tracks for Anderhill. However, I’d used up all my free space at SoundCloud. Rather than rushing the process, I decided to wait until after the move. I did some remixes and upgraded to SoundCloud Premium to introduce my latest work, Rudimentary Elements.

I’ve been writing music since I was a kid. I’ve written hundreds of songs over the years. In December of 2018, I decided to start an all-electronic music project under the name of Anderhill. It’s taken on a life of its own.

Anderhill is hard to define or stuff neatly into any single category. The music is decidedly minimalist, but also has ambient qualities. There are a variety subtle rhythmic variations and melodic structures in the mix. And with this latest production, I added a hint of minimalist techno. But the key to creating Anderhill music is simple dedication to experimentation within some restrictive boundaries.

Take a listen to the latest tracks below:

Rudimentary Elements: the Playlist

The Future of Anderhill

I’ve stopped trying to predict anything that I’ll create. Sometimes my creativity takes on a life of its own and I wind up with something unexpected. However, since upgrading to SoundCloud Premium, I now have unlimited upload time.

Something I’ve wanted to do with Anderhill music is to create some extended mixes. Due to upload restrictions, I’ve hesitated to do that. No more. Along with continuing experimentation and creation, expect some new longer mixes of some Anderhill tracks, especially some of the more ambient and drone pieces.

I encourage you to listen to Anderhill music. It’s relaxing and thoughtful.

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