What Is A Moderate Minimalist?

For all intents and purposes, I’m a minimalist. I aspire to live with less stuff so that I can find more freedom. But I’m also practical. You might say that…

I’m A Moderate Minimalist

I don’t live in a tiny house. I don’t own less than 100 things. I don’t travel the world with nothing more than a backpack. I don’t take minimalism to its extreme.

Although I’m a critical consumer, I’m not an anti-consumer. I believe in buying and owning the things that I need without living extravagantly. I believe in reasoning the value of each purchase I make. Will it save time? Will it save money? Is it an investment? These are important considerations.

I Believe In Less

I have a life-long plan to continually downsize so that I might leave a smaller footprint on this planet Earth. I believe that owning less leads to finding more peace, more love, more happiness.

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