Never Forget Family, Even If They’re Not Blood

Every year about this time I go to a family reunion. But it’s not really my family. They sort of adopted me. So I’d just like to remind you: never forget the importance of family, no matter who they are. 

Years ago, when I wound up a single dad to an 11-month old baby girl, I got a phone call. A voice on the other end of the line said, “I hear you could use some help with a baby.” It was my mom’s second husband’s aunt. I had never met her. But she and her husband lived in my town. And they were offering to help with my daughter. I’ll call them the Kays. 

Never Forget

Over the years, the Kays have become a major part of our lives. They’ve treated my daughter like their own granddaughter. They’ve treated me like a son. And they’ve never asked for anything in return for all their help.

After we had known the Kays for a year or two, we wound up stopping by a family reunion. More than 10 years later, we’re still a part of the annual reunion. And we’re treated as if we were blood relatives. I’ll never forget that generosity.

Family Is Not Always Blood

A family is not always defined by blood. In our case, we’re only related to the Kays because my mom married into the family. And even after my mom’s husband passed, we are still as big of a part of the Kay family as ever. I’ll be forever grateful for that blessing.   

If you have people in your life that have treated you like family, never forget their kindness and generosity. And if you ever find someone in need of a little help, maybe you’ll welcome them into your own family.


James Ewen
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