Some New Things For The New Year At Hip Diggs

When you’re creative, you’re constantly trying new things. I promote simple living, but I’m also creative at heart. That means I’ll be trying some new things at Hip Diggs this year.

Photo by Dan Erickson

I’ll be introducing a few new things to the Hip Diggs’ blog in 2017. I think you’ll like some of the projects I’m working on that might find their way onto Hip Diggs: 

New Things At Hip Diggs: Anything Is Possible

  1. Photography: You might note that the photo in this post is my own work. Later in the year, I’ll be adding more of my own minimalist photography to the site. 
  2. Home tour: I’ll also be showing you more of my own home later this year. That way you can see how I keep things minimal in my own surroundings. 
  3. Books: I’m still working on a new ebook. I hope to have that completed by spring. It’s called, “Finding Our Way Back Home: Reclaiming A Sense Of Peace In A Chaotic World.” I also have an idea for a fictional work in which the protagonist discovers minimalism.
  4. Videos: I’m in the process of creating a small video studio, and starting a YouTube channel. I’d originally planned on starting to post videos beginning January 1. However, I’m still doing some work on the audio and it might be a few more weeks.
  5. Songs: I’m a songwriter. I’m working on a project of songs that are written in a very stripped-down style. I could share some here as well as at
  6. Slideshows: I’ve already created a handful of minimalist slideshows, but I could produce a few more this year.
  7. Free Course: I have a free 20-post blog course scheduled for a little later this year. It’s based on the original Hip Diggs’ post: Take The 10-Step Challenge To Simple Living.

Do New Things In Moderation

Some of the new things on this list are already in the making and will certainly appear at Hip Diggs this year. Others are simply on the drawing board and might show up later in the year.

I’m not going to push to do too much. That would contradict the message of the blog. But in general, you can continue to expect at least two posts per week on simple living. You can also expect a few new things.

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