Numbers: A Musical Journey In Simplicity

I’m excited about my latest music project, Numbers. I don’t usually post much about my creative work at Hip Diggs. I save that work for my other blog, The Creative Side. But the Numbers project is different.

I recently completed a 12-song demo project called Numbers. I’m excited to share this with you because the project relates to minimalism in several ways.

Numbers Was Recorded On An iPad Mini

I’ve been writing and recording songs since I was a teenager. It used to take a large recording studio and half a dozen musicians with a truckload of instruments to produce a decent recording. Now it only takes an iPad. Certainly, one would still want to use a professional recording studio for the highest quality recordings, but an iPad and GarageBand work fine for making good demos.

I started using my iPad as a recording device about a year ago. The Leviticus Project was my first attempt at creating an album of songs using only an iPad. That 11-song project is roughly based on the Book of Leviticus. Numbers follows Leviticus. 

Numbers Is Minimal In Nature

Back in the 1980s, I loved big productions and screaming guitar solos. Today, I like simple repetitive patterns.

Minimalism in music focuses on rhythm and harmony rather than melody. As a songwriter, I still use melodic structures, but I keep the music simple and minimalist in nature. You won’t hear any solos in most of my recent compositions. You will hear a very hypnotic groove with an industrial edge.

Numbers Is About Consumerism

Writing programmed music is a different process than traditional songwriting. Traditionally, I write a song at a time and put them together on an album. When I write programmed music, I choose a theme for the entire project.

The theme of Numbers is consumerism. The title track looks at the advertising industry’s influence on our buying behaviors. Enough Is Enough is about choosing relationships over material stuff. Drive is about living simply to live rather than to accumulate more. Other songs include: Slap It Down, Consumers, and Let’s Keep It Simple.

Numbers Is Absolutely Free

If you’d like to listen or download any of the tracks on Numbers, it’s easy. The music is available for listening, downloading, and sharing at SoundCloud.


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