A Clean Slate Leads To Productivity

Minimalism does not equate to doing nothing. Living more simply and keeping your space free of clutter and distraction leads to a clean slate. A clean slate allows you to create. Creativity leads to productivity. The secret to productivity is simple. 


Today’s post is the last post I’ll be sharing from my free ebook, The Happiness of Simple. It looks at the simple connection between simple living and productivity. 

Go To The Ant, You Sluggard…

You might think it’s contradictory to include the topic of productivity in this book. How does producing goods tie in with simplicity? Isn’t the production process complex? It could be. It doesn’t have to be.

Great writers, musicians, artists, architects, athletes, business executives and many others know this secret: Living simply gives you the time and space to create.

I’m a very productive person. Sometimes I think I produce too much. I’ve written over 600 songs in the past 20 years. I’ve written 100s of poems. I’ve written several books. I keep several blogs. I play music with a small acoustic group at church. I do regular home improvement projects. I love to landscape and paint. I teach. I create new curriculum. I produce.

What Makes Some People More Productive?

It’s a combination of passion, discipline, and space. Simple living supports all three of these qualities. Let’s start with space:

Have you been following the action statements at the end of each chapter? If not, I suggest you go back. Take each action step seriously. If you have been taking action, you’re ready to be more productive.

A writer always starts with a blank page. Sometimes it’s hard to get past that blank page. I’ve discovered that it’s always easier for me to write once I’ve cleared my space. By keeping my life simple, I find more happiness and I also have more space for creating something beautiful.

If your house is a mess you won’t feel free to create. You’ll feel pressured to clean up the mess. If your schedule is packed you won’t have time to create. If you have outstanding debt you’ll feel pressure to work overtime. 

The best way to become more productive is to keep your life simple.

Start Each Day With A Clean Slate

Take Action: Have you simplified your life? Is your space clean? Is your schedule clear? Now you have effectively created time and space to be productive. Jot down some ideas.

If you want to learn more about the connections between happiness, simplicity, and productivity, I encourage you to get my free ebook, The Happiness of Simple. There’s no sign up, just click the link below and read:

The Happiness of Simple


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