5 Quick And Healthy Foods To Eat On The Go

Life can get busy. I get it. I’m a single dad with a career. But just because life is busy doesn’t mean we have to eat crappy food. We all know what fast food is. Today, I want to talk about quick food. It’s faster than fast food. And it’s better for you.

I don’t always eat three meals a day. Many days I skip lunch. But I graze on a variety of healthy snacks throughout the day. Like many people, I fall into routines. I know there are many other quick food options, but I tend to gravitate to these five simple choices.

My Top 5 Favorite Healthy Snacks

  1. Bananas: Most days, I eat a banana when I first get up in the morning. Bananas are filled with good nutrients like potassium and manganese. They also help moderate blood sugar and may improve digestive health.  
  2. Apples: You know what they say. I live in the Northwest. We have lots of apples and I love them. Apples lower cholesterol, keep you full, and help you stay slim. It’s also said that apples help boost brain power and may fight cancer. That’s a good quick food.  
  3. Baby Carrots: I eat a bag or two a week. They’re easy to take with you and they have several health benefits. Carrots can prevent cancer, slow down aging, and help prevent heart disease. Carrots are also good for the skin. 
  4. Nuts: I love all sorts of nuts, but almonds and cashews are my favorites. There’s evidence that cashews help ease depression and anxiety. Some studies claim that two handfuls of cashews works better than anti-depressant medicines. 
  5. Dark Chocolate: This might be the best quick food ever. I eat 85-90% cocoa. Dark Chocolate helps circulation and is good for the brain. It’s also a quick food that makes you feel good.

Learn More About Quick Food

I also love oatmeal, spinach, local honey, and blueberries. There are lots of options for quick food. I’m sure you can think of a few more. But if you’re not eating the good stuff, you might need to ask yourself these questions:

  1. When was the last time I shopped for fresh foods? Try the banana method. When I run out of bananas, I go buy more fresh foods. That’s about every five days. 
  2. What stops me from eating healthy foods? I used to think it was too expensive to buy fresh fruits, nuts, and vegetables. That’s a lie. In the long run it will save you money in doctor’s bills.   
  3. When will I buy some good, quick food? Make a plan to shop for healthy foods. Write your plan down and follow through.

Make A List Right Now!

Action begets action. If you make a list of your favorite healthy foods right now, you’ll be more likely to start eating better in the next week. What are you waiting for? Get started today!

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