Rehoming (or Fostering Out) Our Good Ol’ Dog, Shep?

I’m getting closer to taking a big step. A few months ago I announced that I was going to sell my house. I’ve hesitated a little, but the plan is still to sell. The moment of truth is coming soon now that rehoming Shep (0r having him fostered) has a good outlook.

One of the biggest setbacks to selling my home has been my dog, Shep. I don’t have the heart to just take him to the humane society. After all, we did rescue him eight years ago. However, renting in my town is tough with a dog. Thankfully, a solution has presented itself. Recently, a retired couple from our neighborhood lost their dog.

A Rehoming Plan for Shep

My biggest hesitation to sell is not knowing where we would move. I’ve especially been concerned because 95% of rentals in my town don’t allow medium or large dogs. But since our neighbors lost their dog, they mentioned that they are considering looking for a new dog. I told them that I might have a problem renting a place with Shep. We quickly came to an agreement. Rehoming or fostering Shep is something they would love to do.

I have to admit, the idea of letting go of a dog isn’t easy. However, let’s look at this logically:

  1. Our neighbors have more time for Shep: The retired couple has much more time for Shep. They walked their old dog several times a day. My daughter and I have work, school, karate, band, and a number of other activities. It might just be best for Shep. Plus, we’ll have an open invitation to walk him regularly.
  2. I’d prefer an apartment over a house: I want to sell my house for three reasons. First, I’m going to pay off most or all of my debt. Second, I want to downsize. Third, I want to simplify. Renting an apartment makes the most sense in all three cases. I might buy again in the future, but only the right place. Renting gives me the time to be a little picky. However, if the right place that allows pets comes on the rental market, I’d take it.

The Next Post You See Might Be My Listing

I’ve already talked things over with my realtor. She suggested listing closer to the end of the month. I’m good with that. It gives me a little more time to get my name on a few apartment waiting lists.

We already have 80-90% of our stuff packed. With a couple hours work, the house can be ready for photos. The moment of truth is getting closer every day.

I’m still going to try to make things work to keep Shep with us if possible, but we need a backup plan. If we have to let him go, I’ll miss our early morning walks, but I honestly believe that everything is working toward a better situation for all of us. Furthermore, the couple is even willing to temporarily foster Shep during a transition from renting to rebuying if that’s what we need. So now that we have a plan for Shep, the next post you see might just be a house for sale.

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