The One Thing That Might Save Hip Diggs

If you follow me on Facebook, you might know that I’m planning on phasing Hip Diggs out at the end of the year. The plan is to focus on my original blog,, Simple Habits for Life, with an emphasis on a slightly broader array of topics. But…

There’s one thing that might save Hip Diggs. And it’s really simple.

The reason I’m planning on phasing Hip Diggs out is that it gets to be too much to operate multiple blogs. I feel like I have to produce too much content. I’ve also grown a little tired of the topic. Don’t get me wrong, I still believe in simple living, but there’s more to life. This is where YOU come in.

Hip Diggs Is Looking For Writers

Are you a writer? Do you love the simple living and minimalist lifestyle? Oh, tiny house writers are welcome, too. Would you be interested in writing a post (or a few) for Hip Diggs? Perhaps, with a team of guest writers, we could save Hip Diggs. 

You’d need to write within the general topic of simple living and minimalism. It could help you get more exposure for your writing or your own simple living site. You could offer a single post, or you might even become a regular contributor. There is one small catch. Hip Diggs is a small blog and can’t pay for articles. But you’d get your work seen by 10,000 viewers each month.

Would You Join The Hip Diggs Team?

What do you say? Would you join the Hip Diggs team? If you’re interested in submitting an article for the blog, you can email me at In fact, you can just send your article. Keep articles on topic and between 500-1000 words please. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible to let you know if I can use your content.

If Hip Diggs can gain a crew of good writers by years’ end, we might save her yet. If not, I’ll keep the blog live on the Internet for reference, but I’ll phase out writing new posts. Will you help keep Hip Diggs going? 


Dan Erickson

Note: Hip Diggs is no longer looking for writers


James Ewen
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