Second Call For Guest Writers

A few weeks ago, I opened Hip Diggs up to guest writers. I’ve received a few submissions, but it might not be enough to keep things running into 2019. 

Part of me would really like to keep Hip Diggs going. But I won’t do it at the cost of running myself into the ground. With my creative focus on, music, and other writing projects, I have to draw the line somewhere. So unless I can get a few more regular writers, there won’t be enough content to keep the blog going into the New Year.

Here’s The Best Scenario

In order to keep Hip Diggs active, I’d like to post 5-6 articles per month next year. However, I would only have the time and energy to write one or two a month. That means I’d need 3-5 guest posts per month. Could you help?

The blog is currently scheduled out until mid-December. But if we reach the New Year and there aren’t enough posts to keep things running, I’ll put Hip Diggs to sleep (at least temporarily). That simply means that I’ll stop posting and keep the blog live just as a resource for people who want to learn more about minimalism and simple living.

You Could Help Get Hip Diggs Through Another Year

If you’re a writer and you love simple living, I’d love to share your work here. 

You’d need to write within the general topic of simple living and minimalism. It could help you get more exposure for your writing or your own simple living site. You could offer a single post, or you might even become a regular contributor. There is one small catch. Hip Diggs is a small blog and can’t pay for articles. But you’d get your work seen by 10,000 viewers each month.

Would You Join The Hip Diggs Team?

What do you say? Would you join the Hip Diggs team? If you’re interested in submitting an article for the blog, you can email me at In fact, you can just send your article. Keep articles on topic and between 500-1000 words please. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible to let you know if I can use your content.

Note: Hip Diggs is not longer looking for writers.


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