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Humble beginnings require excellent service. Hip Diggs guarantees quality. It’s our simple promise to you.

New companies have to give it all they’ve got. That’s why Simpl is ready to give you our best.

Hip Diggs is part of the Simpl family of blogs. The focus of Simpl is to promote direct communication, minimalist blogging, and simple living. Our other sites include SimplWriter, SimplBlogger and Dan Erickson.

Here are some of our Simpl Goods:

  • Consultation: If you’re creating or redesigning a blog, we can help you create a beautifully simple blog that reaches your intended audience with impact.
  • Personal coaching: We provide personal coaching for bloggers. We offer solid advice for both new and experienced bloggers. We also offer content coaching.  
  • Writing, speaking, and message coaching and designing.
  • Public appearances: Speaking events and conferences.
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Life is too precious to be disorganized and complex. You can learn how to simplify your life using simple strategies and tactics. Hip Diggs is ready to guide you on your journey. Start today:

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