A Simple Day Of Rest: 4 Reasons To Take A Day Off Each Week

Today’s world seems to be moving faster than ever. It’s not like it was when I was younger. Most businesses were actually closed on the weekends. Now we can get anything we want, anytime we want. That can be nice at times, but here’s the problem: the anything-anytime mentality has spread. Many people never take a simple day of rest.

Stop Telling Me To Hustle

Quite often, while I’m scanning social media, I see posts prompting me to get my hustle on. More often, I’m seeing these posts on Sundays. There seems to be a trend among online entrepreneurs to use Sunday as a day to work your ass off.

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I’ll admit, I’m writing this post on a Sunday. Sometimes, I do work around the house on Sundays. But I don’t drive myself to keep going all day long. I keep the day relatively relaxed. I save a little time for God and family.

I don’t care if you confess to be a Christian. I don’t care if you choose to work all day on Sunday. Those are your choices. But Jesus had some wise words about taking a simple day of rest. He wasn’t as adamant about it as the Old Testament scriptures were.

He basically said:

If your ass falls in a well on a Sunday, you’d be an idiot to leave it there to drown.

Still, he also suggests, in Mark 6:30:

Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.

We could argue whether we should rest on Saturday or Sunday, or any other day for that matter. Frankly, I’m not sure it really matters, as long as you take time to rest. Getting stuck in overdrive will burn you out. You’ll actually wind up getting less done in the long run.

Heck, even the cult leader of my childhood knew that giving people a day off gets more out of them. After working 60-70 hours a week, we were allowed to take Sunday off. Learn more about my childhood in an extreme cult in my book: A Train Called Forgiveness.  

4 Reasons For A Simple Day Of Rest

  1. Take lessons from nature: Nature takes a break. Leaves fall in the autumn. Trees go dormant. Many animals hibernate. Rest is natural. It’s needed to help us restore our energy and stay healthy.  
  2. Give yourself time to think: I’m a big fan of walking. Why? Because walking can be a restful form of exercise. I also like to stop everything once in awhile. Just sit. Do nothing. Walking and sitting times give you time to think, to ponder. Often, my greatest creative moments start during a simple day of rest. 
  3. Take time for your family: I wonder about some of the entrepreneurs who push themselves so hard as to work all day on Sunday. Do they have families? If you push ourselves so hard as to not spend time with our families, we may jeopardize our relationships. Check this video out about the downside of hustle
  4. Take time for God: I’m not a Bible-thumper, but I do attend church. I also believe that I have an internal source of power in Christ. In order to stay tapped into that source, I need to spend a little time there. For me, Sunday is my day to do that.

It’s Okay To Take A Break

Give yourself permission to take a break. It’s okay. A simple day of rest might be just what you need to get refocused. It the end, it will likely lead to more productivity. 

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