3 Simple Lessons On Minimalism From A Day At The Beach

When I was kid, our family lived a couple of miles from the Atlantic Ocean. Through my teens and twenties I lived close to the Puget Sound. I’ve spent my share of time at the beach. We can learn some simple lessons on minimalism from a day at the beach. 

Oregon Coast: Photo by Dan Erickson

Have you ever just spent an entire day at the beach? You lay in the sun, play, swim, walk, and explore? I have. But not as often as I’d like. Those are the good times. And we can learn some simple lessons from the experience. 

A Day At The Beach Teaches Us To Be In The Moment

What’s on your mind when you’re having a relaxing day at the beach? For me, it’s simply the beach itself. I can study the waves as they crash into the shore. I can feel my toes in the sand as I walk along the surf. Seagulls fly above my head as I study rocks and shells on the shoreline. Rather than worrying about work, bills, and life itself, I’m living in the moment.

This is what minimalism should be like: simple and worry free. One aspect of minimalism that doesn’t get much discussion is being in the here and now.

I know that remaining present and in tune with everything around you is not an easy task. We get pulled in dozens of directions each day. We have responsibilities and commitments. Life can get crazy and stressful. But we can learn to let go… Just like we do at the beach.

3 Simple Lessons In Minimalism From The Beach

  1. Your stuff doesn’t really matter: When I’m at the beach, I don’t need much. And all the stuff I left behind at home is completely gone. What if we could spend every day at the beach? Would you need as much stuff? I don’t know about you, but I could live in a very small home on the ocean with just a few basic necessities. I’d be as happy as a clam.
  2. The world is a beautiful place: I’m using the beach as an example. But you can find this kind of beauty and presence anywhere: the desert, the mountains, the river, even in the midst of a crowded city. Simple lessons on minimalism teach us that we are part of the natural beauty that surrounds us. We don’t need more. It’s already there. Everywhere!
  3. There is nothing like the present: I find myself in the most peaceful state when I’m just being. I’m not thinking about the past or the future. I’m just living in the moment. I feel it now as I write this piece. A day at the beach teaches us this ability to be present. Learn from the simple lessons that nature provides.

Make Every Day A Day At The Beach

I think one goal of minimalism should be to make every day like a day at the beach. Let go of all that excess weight you left at home. Let go of the worry and the stress. This is what happens when we learn to live simply. We find ourselves more at ease and in harmony with our surroundings. Remember, home is not one specific place, but is within you.

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