Have Yourself A Simple Little Christmas

Hip Diggs wishes you a simple little Christmas. Don’t make things too complicated You know what’s really important: it’s time with family and friends. Don’t complicate Christmas with too much travel or food. Don’t overdo the decorations and presents. Have a simple little Christmas.

Here’s wishing you a simple little Christmas. May your holidays be filled with simple, pleasant times that will remain with you for a lifetime. I wish you the following holiday experiences with your family and friends:

  • Cups of hot chocolate
  • Crisp walks in the snow
  • Homemade gifts
  • Heartfelt smiles
  • Warm embraces
  • Singing together
  • Telling Christmas stories
  • Sharing a simple meal
  • Remembering the reason
  • Hope in the New Year

Remember, it’s not about how much money you spend, or how many presents you give or get. It’s not about whose house has the most decorations. It’s about family, friends, and love. So here’s wishing you a simple little Christmas.

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The Happiness Of Simple


Dan Erickson

Dan Erikson is the passionate voice behind Hip Diggs, where he explores the art of living simply and intentionally. With a keen eye for minimalism and its profound impact on our lives, Dan delves into topics ranging from decluttering spaces to decluttering the mind. Drawing from personal experiences and a deep appreciation for the minimalist ethos, he offers readers practical insights and actionable steps to embrace a more meaningful, clutter-free life. When he's not penning down his thoughts on Hip Diggs, Dan enjoys the serenity of nature, reading, and exploring the nuances of simple living in a complex world.

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