Something Beyond Our Own Understanding

Since focusing on primarily writing over at my other blog,, I’ve been continuing to write a bunch of new minimalist music under the name Anderhill.

It was my hope that the traffic at my Dan Erickson blog would increase and surpass Hip Diggs. That hasn’t happened. Hip Diggs still gets five times as many visitors as Dan Erickson. So I thought I’d take the opportunity to share my music with the readers here.

I recently completed another Anderhill music project. On this one, I’m breaking new ground. Although the music is still minimalist in nature, two of the five songs on the EP could be classified as drone music.

In music, a drone is a harmonic or monophonic effect or accompaniment where a note or chord is continuously sounded throughout most or all of a piece. Think bagpipes or a hurdy gurdy, both drone instruments.

Electronic Music Is Drone Friendly

It’s easy to create drones in electronic music production. You start with a single tone. Then you slowly add or subtract subtle harmonics. You get a calming, almost angelic sound. But that doesn’t mean it’s simple to understand. It’s complicated and it’s minimalist at the same time.

Many people dislike drone music because they don’t get it. But that’s exactly why I like it. It doesn’t meet our expectations. It’s unique. In a way, drone music makes perfect sense to me. In another way, it makes mo sense at all. And that’s where the title of this EP comes from. It’s something beyond our own understanding.

I encourage you to spend 15-20 minutes to listen to these tracks. The first and last tracks are straight drone pieces. Breaking Point is upbeat, energetic, and unique in it’s own way. A Short Flight Through Time flirts with being a drone track, but has a touch of melodic structure. Listen and enjoy.

As an added bonus, here are several other projects I’ve completed under the name Anderhill in the past 6-8 months.

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