Tea For Me: 4 Reasons I Almost Quit Drinking Coffee

A little over a year ago I stopped using sugar in my coffee. A few months later I almost stopped drinking coffee altogether. I started drinking tea. I’ve been drinking more tea ever since.

I’ve been more of a coffee drinker for most of my adult life. But about a year ago that all changed. I switched to tea. It’s actually been a slow progression. I’d been switching back and forth between coffee and tea for a couple years. Now I’m one step closer to only tea for me.

Why I Switched From Coffee To Tea

  1. Coffee makes me nervous: I can actually feel my heart rate increase when I drink coffee. Sometimes I get the jitters. I even get more physical muscle twitches when I drink a cup or two of coffee a day. I decided I didn’t like those feelings. So I almost gave it up. 
  2. I don’t really like the taste of coffee: When I stopped putting sugar and cream in my coffee, I realized I didn’t really like the flavor. All those years I’d been adding so much stuff to my coffee that it didn’t really taste like coffee anymore. I started drinking smaller and smaller amounts of coffee until I didn’t really want it at all.
  3. There’s more variety in tea: Coffee is coffee. The only way you get much variety in the flavor of coffee is through what you add. But tea comes in hundreds of flavors, each fragrant and unique. I started drinking green teas, but have tried a variety of other teas over the past year. Lately, chamomile is my favorite in the mornings. It’s relaxing. That’s a better way to start the day than getting strung out on coffee.  
  4. I use local honey as a sweetener: Local honey is great for fighting allergies. It tastes damn good, too. I think the best cup of tea I’ve ever had was at Velocity Coffee Shop in Port Townsend, Washington. They have an organic chamomile with local honey to die for. It’s both flavorful and comforting.

Will You Join Me For Tea?

I still might have an occasional cup of coffee, but I don’t think I’ll ever go back to drinking it on a regular basis. 

I’ve read several articles that suggest tea is better than coffee. For me, it’s definitely more relaxing and comforting. I encourage you to try drinking more tea. I think you’ll feel healthier and happier if you do.

Dan Erickson


Dan Erickson
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