The Freedom That Comes With Tiny House Living

Today’s post is a guest post by Rose Burke from the Tiny Society.

Tiny houses have significantly grown in popularity over the last few years, as they offer a kind of freedom traditional homes don’t. Living tiny allows you to escape from more than just a mortgage.

These days, tiny houses can be designed for you to live entirely off the grid. These are the freedoms you can expect when you choose tiny house living.

Rely On Your Own Electric Source

Since the tiny community strives to be eco-friendly, most homes use natural elements to create electricity. This not only reduces your carbon footprint but gives you complete control over your home’s power.

A notable benefit of tiny house solar energy is that your electric bill will practically disappear. Most tiny house owners will use a generator as a backup, but if you’re parked in an open area, you likely won’t need it.

No Mortgage

If you build your own tiny house, the average cost will be around $30,000 and can be significantly lower if you use recycled materials. Since this is significantly lower than most of the traditional homes currently on the market, many people in tiny houses don’t need to take out a loan or mortgage.

This gives those in the tiny community the freedom of owning a home without a large loan hanging over their heads.

Your House Can Be Taken On The Road

A tiny house on wheels provides owners with the ultimate freedom, one of travel and exploration. It gives you the opportunity to wander the country without ever having to pack a bag.

You’ll never get homesick because your home will be with you throughout your entire journey. Instead of paying for hotel rooms, you’ll only have to worry about parking fees and the cost of staying in campgrounds. It’s the only lifestyle that offers this amount of freedom.

If you prefer to travel abroad, a tiny house can serve as a proper home base that won’t eat up all of your cash while you’re away.

Ditch The Office Job

When you have such few bills to take care of, you don’t have to work as often. This means no more cubicles, coffee that’s been sitting around for hours, or counting down the days until the weekend. Instead, you can choose to work remotely or part-time.

Once your house is paid off, the only bills you’ll have to worry about are for the necessities like food and Netflix. It’s as close to a stress-free existence as you can get.

Downsizing Frees You Of Possessions

When you move into a tiny house, understandably you’ll have to get rid of a large share of your possessions. Everything from your wardrobe to your book collection will need to be downsized, a purge which can be quite refreshing. While the thought of getting rid of some of your things can be daunting, cutting the ties between you and your possessions can significantly simplify your life.


While the appeal of living in a tiny house is usually the cost, you have to admit that the freedom it provides is quite enticing as well. With more freedom comes more time to do with whatever you’d like. Suddenly taking up gardening or reading a few of the classics is an actual possibility.

You’ll be able to live your life how you’ve always wanted to instead of barely getting by. The freedom of a tiny house is one that most don’t experience until retirement, but now you don’t have to wait!

Today’s post was a guest post by Rose Burke from the Tiny Society.

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