4 Types Of Toxic People To Avoid

What do toxic people have to do with slimming your schedule? More than might first meet the eye. Toxic people cause problems that eat up your time. Don’t get me wrong, I love people. But if someone proves themselves to be problematic time and again, it might be time to step away.

Sometimes it’s hard to decipher who’s toxic and who’s not. We all know people who constantly stir up trouble and strife. We can label them as toxic people.

But what about the ones who cling to you for unhealthy reasons? Guess what? They’re toxic, too. Toxic people are people who habitually use your time in a way that has no benefit to you.

4 Kinds Of People To Avoid

  1. The Bully: You know the type. They always have to be right. They always want to be in control. Often, they think they’re better than everybody else. So they push people around at will. Stay away from the bully. 
  2. The Judge: These people are always judging you. Nothing you do is good enough for them. They constantly criticize and scold. These toxic people are no good for your self-esteem.  
  3. The Liar: Let’s face it, no one likes a liar. If someone you know is constantly dishonest with you or always gossiping about others, you should show them the door. 
  4. The Clinger: This type of person may seem to have good intentions. But the truth is that this person is often a parasite, always taking, but never giving back. Another disguise for the clinger is that of the victim.

Had Enough Of Toxic People? Here’s More:

Now it’s time to look at your own life and distinguish who might be toxic. Who’s holding you back or wasting your time?

  1. Is there someone I’m letting push me around? Last election season I spent too much time debating politics on Facebook. I discovered that some people always have to be right. They’ll call you names and drag you through the mud. Simple solution: Dump them.
  2. Does someone constantly take advantage of me? Over the years, I’ve had a few so-called friends that always want something. They overstay their welcome. They always ask for money. They’re constantly requiring reassurance. I’ve discovered that limiting contact with this group helps me get more of my life back.  
  3. Do I have friends I can’t trust? I’m a pretty good judge of character, so it’s been awhile since I’ve had one of these type of toxic people in my life. But if someone you know lies to you or steals from you, drop them. You don’t need that kind of trouble in your life.

Make The Break And Move On

How do you get away from these toxic people? Stop communicating with them. If they continue to cause problems, be direct. Tell them that you don’t think your relationship with them is right for you.

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