How Taking A Vacation Saved My Life: And How It Could Save Yours

It might seem like a strange time of year to write about vacationing. Not really. A vacation might be exactly what you need. I used to shun vacations. No more. I’ve learned that vacationing has many health benefits. Now, I vacation for life.

Take A Vacation For Life

A few years ago, I learned a hard lesson. I was pushing myself too hard. I was stressed out. My blood pressure was getting high. I was gaining weight. I was almost ready to give up on everything. I decided to take a vacation for life.

I became a single dad in 2006. Life was hectic. I was working full-time. I was taking care of Annie. I hardly got a chance to breathe. I was getting so physically and mentally stressed out that I was only a thread away from crossing the line between okay and over the edge. I hadn’t taken a real vacation in years. I decided it was time. I’m glad I did. There’s a lot of research about how getting away has many health benefits.

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I know it’s almost December and the Christmas season is upon us. It’s also a time when stress levels run high. Taking a vacation may just be the best thing you could do. Check out my last post!

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One reason we wind up spending too much money during the holiday season is that we’re spending too much time indoors. If we take a short vacation to a beautiful, but isolated area, we can get outdoors and leave the rat-race behind.

Take Action To Take A Vacation

A few years ago, I was running crazy as the holiday season approached. I was stressed out from work. I was overwhelmed with my household duties. The holidays just added a greater sense of impending doom. I decided to let it all go.

I logged onto Expedia and booked a trip to visit some friends in southern Missouri. They had a son about the same age as my daughter. It wasn’t a tropical paradise, but that didn’t matter. Simply getting away from the daily routine was miraculous. My stress level went down. When I got home, my blood pressure was back to normal. I started eating better, exercising, and sleeping well. Since that trip, I’ve made a point to vacation for life. 

I take several short vacations each year. One place I always make sure to visit is someplace near the water. There’s evidence that there is healing power in the ocean and the beach. Check out this article from The Atlantic

The Historic Healing Power Of The Beach

Vacation For Your Health

I know that if it weren’t for these occasional getaways, I’d be less healthy. I’d be more stressed. The change of scenery and natural beauty of oceans and mountains seem to soothe my soul and reenergize me. I’ve become convinced that taking a vacation for life will help us to live longer and healthier. When was your last vacation?

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