3 Ways The Walking Life Could Save Your Life

Walking is my go-to exercise. You can walk anywhere, from home, at work, or even when you travel. It requires no special equipment but a decent pair of shoes. And here’s the best part: the walking life could save your life.

I don’t really have a walking routine. I just walk, but I don’t walk excessively. Most weeks I probably walk about 15-20 miles. But that’s enough for some major benefits.

Benefits Of The Walking Life

  1. Physical health: The first life-saving benefit of walking is obvious. There have been numerous studies that have found that walking is just as good or better than nearly any form of exercise. Walking is good for your heart, your lungs, your muscles, and more. If you want to stay in decent physical shape, just walk regularly.
  2. Mental health: I’ve used walking as therapy. There have been a few times in my life when I was so anxious or depressed that I was borderline suicidal. I walked. At times, I’ve walked long distances to think through my problems. I felt like I was just drowning in my sorrows. Little did I know that the physical act of walking can also help relieve depression and anxiety.
  3. Social health: There may come a day when you have to walk. What if your car breaks down? Perhaps, you’ll move to a city where cars are more trouble than not. The walking life could save your social life. You’ll be able to get around to get to the places you need. And you could spend time walking with others.

Ready, Set… Walk!

When I was younger I walked out of necessity. I was poor and couldn’t afford a car. In time, I started walking by choice, still opting out of a driving a car. Now I have a car, but the walking life has been instilled. I’ll keep walking regularly as long as I’m physically able.

Have you tried the walking life? I encourage you to consider making walking your first choice for exercise.

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