Go Ahead: Pull The Rug Out From Under Your Feet!

I’ve had carpet in nearly every home I’ve lived… until I bought my current place. When I shopped for a home, hardwood floors were near the top of my list as a must-have. I’m glad I stuck to my guns. I have no rugs and I’m loving it.

No rugs: Photo of hardwood floors.

It’s been nearly five years since we moved into our house. I’ve only grown to appreciate hardwood floors more. It’s not really that they’re wood, I think tile or concrete might work just as well. What I really love is that we have no rugs. In fact, I haven’t even owned a vacuum cleaner for over three years. 

Why I Love Hardwood Floors

  1. They’re easier to clean: I haven’t used a vacuum in years. I simply sweep my floors and then mop lightly. I add a dash of Murphy’s Oil and presto: clean floors.
  2. They’re rustic: I’m not really a fan of shiny things. A deep-polished hardwood floor doesn’t do much for me. I like a floor that looks like someone has lived in the house. It matches my old furniture
  3. Scratches and stains only add character: If you stain your carpet it looks like crap. But if you stain your wood floor it just adds character. I’m not going to intentionally stain and scratch my floor, but I don’t have to worry about it either.
  4. They stay cooler in the summer: Wood floors are cooler in the summer. With no rugs, some might argue that they’re also colder in the winter. That’s true. But that’s why I keep a good pair of Haflinger slippers in my closet.

My Experiments With Rugs On Hardwood

When I first moved into this house, I found that the previous owners had left a fairly nice area rug. I thought I needed it in the living room.

Then I bought area rugs for my daughter’s room and for my music room. I also put small area rugs in the front and back entries. I was set. Then I discovered some things that I hate about area rugs.

  1. They get dirty… fast: We live in a desert climate. There’s a lot of dust. We also have a dog that sheds quite a bit. I quickly found out that the area rugs were constantly in need of vacuuming. They seemed to attract dirt and lint and hair. 
  2. They move around: Every other day I noticed that the rugs had shifted a little. I was constantly making sure the rugs were in their place.  
  3. They bunch up: The smaller rugs in the entries were constantly bunching up and getting caught in the doors. It didn’t take long for me to decide that no rugs were better than area rugs.

No Rugs For Me Please

When I downsize to the next level, I’m going to do my damnedest to have no rugs. Life is never certain and I might discover a great place for the right price that’s carpeted. But my quest will be for hardwood floors. 

What about you? Do you like hardwood, carpet, or another kind of flooring? Feel free to leave comments explaining your preference.

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  1. We got rid of our two not big rugs because of my husband’s obsession about no dust at home. We keep only a carpet in kids’ room with streets on it.
    In the beginning, I was angry at him, but now I see the benefits: easier cleaning, safer for kids (small rugs can move). And I’d add that most carpets today aren’t made of natural material, so the feeling isn’t very nice and they generate static electricity – I hate being treated with electricity at my home!

    1. I agree that it feels good. I’m considering downsizing in the next year or so. Hardwood or tile will be top on my list.

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