My Only Christmas Post This Year

Many bloggers write holiday posts. I’m no exception. I usually write several posts each year about keeping Christmas simple. This year, I’m not going to focus on simplifying Christmas. Read on to find out why.

Of course I believe we should find ways to keep Christmas simple, consume less, give less stuff, and share more love. But I’ve already written several articles on those topics. In case you missed them, here are the links:

See what I mean about writing my share of holiday posts? So this year I have a slightly different message for you. 

My Simple Christmas Message

Focus on people, not the holiday. 

That’s it, plain and simple. Instead of focusing on the holiday itself, focus on the important people in your life. When we focus on the holiday, we wind up getting caught up in the madness. Before you know it, you find yourself buying oodles of decorations and gifts. It’s expensive and not very minimalist.

Last year, I tried something different for the holidays. I focused on the most important people in my life. Instead of buying gifts, I offered experiences. This was most relevant with my daughter, Annie. For Christmas, we went to San Francisco. We drove along Highway 101 and Highway 1. It was a great experience, and one we’ll both remember for a lifetime. We didn’t buy decorations or exchange many gifts. The experience was the gift.

Unfocus (Fake) Christmas

I consider myself a Christian, so I love the meaning behind Christmas. I’m not suggesting that you forget that. But I don’t think Jesus would have ever wanted people to buy a bunch of plastic trinkets in His name.

We’ve made Christmas into a consumer-based holiday. I say it’s okay to skip that part of Christmas. Rather than focusing on stuff, (the fake part of the holiday), focus on relationships and experiences. It’s that simple.

To help you unfocus on the consumerism that surrounds Christmas, I’d like to offer you a free gift. It’s a simple little book about getting back to basics. Just click the link below to learn more:

The Happiness Of Simple


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