Why Climate Change Matters Even If You Don’t Think It’s Real

Recently, I posted something about global warming on Facebook. As usual, when I mention climate change or global warming, I got some feedback from a few naysayers. But climate change matters even if you don’t think it’s real.

I’m not going to try to convince you whether human activity is contributing to climate change. That’s not the point of this post. If you’ve read anything about the rising global temperatures over the past 10 years and the loss of glaciers worldwide, you know something is going on. I believe science has proven these points.

My goal is simply to point out that we can all do more to help sustain a healthy environment on our planet.

Minimalism And Climate Change

As one who chooses to live simply, I make a point to leave a smaller ecological footprint than the average American. I drive less, make less trash, and use less dangerous chemicals.

There are certainly more things I could do to help the cause. Still, I get frustrated by the naysayers. Especially when they claim to be minimalists. One comment on a Facebook thread in a minimalist group surprised me. Here’s what the commenter said:

By the time it has any affect if any … I will be ash and be deemed a substance that may cause cancer in the state of California.

Not only does this sort of attitude toward climate change contribute to a continuing disregard for our Earth, it also disregards another major minimalist value… family.

Minimalism And The Family

Nearly every reputable minimalist I know promotes spending more time with family. They promote love. Minimalism promotes caring for the ones with whom we share our most intimate space.

How can we claim to care about our younger siblings, our children, and our grandchildren, if we simply turn away from caring about our environment?

For me, one of the biggest draws of minimalism is knowing that I’m doing a small part to hopefully make the world a better place for my daughter and future generations.

This Is Why Climate Change Matters To Us All

Whether you think climate change is real or not isn’t the issue. No one can deny that human beings are polluting the Earth. It’s impossible to claim that all the pollution and garbage has no effect whatsoever.

That’s why we should all do our part to control our own waste. If you claim to be a minimalist and you don’t care about your own waste, I’d argue that you’re not really a minimalist at all. Perhaps you’ve missed the point.

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