The Key To Living A Clutter Free Life

Do you want to be free of clutter for once and for all? It’s not hard. It does take time and commitment. There are certain simple habits that will guarantee your road to living clutter free. Let’s get started today:

If you’re tired of having a cluttered life, there’s an easy solution. If you want to unlock the door to being clutter free, it’s simple. I can sum it up in two words:

Stop Wanting!

That’s right. The reason most people wind up with cluttered lives is that they don’t separate wants from needs. More than half of the items that most Americans own are not necessities. They’re wants, often selfish desires. It’s this selfishness that leads to clutter. It leads to physical clutter. It leads to emotional clutter. It leads to cluttered schedules.

Separate Needs From Wants

Stop buying stuff you don’t needNext time you get the urge to buy something: that new pair of jeans, shoes, a tablet, or even a blender, ask yourself, “Do I really need this?” A need is something that’s required in order to survive: Food, water, shelter, clothing, transportation, and a few other things. You don’t need a new George Foreman grill. You don’t need a riding lawnmower for a 4000-square-foot lawn. Learn to control your wants. Unless the item saves you a good amount of money or time, stick with need-based purchases only. We can work toward being clutter free by evaluating our wants and needs.     

Stop chasing dreams and relationships you don’t need: We chase the latest fashion trends. We chase fame. We chase fortune. We chase unhealthy relationships. But do we really need any of these things? All we really need is a humble home, love, and enough to get by. When we get overexcited about our dreams, we start buying things we don’t really need. We start complicating our lives. We push harder to reach goals. We don’t always need a better job or more money, we just convince ourselves that we do. If the dreams you’re chasing include selfish desires, you’re probably chasing the wrong dreams.

Check Your Calendar

Stop scheduling activities you don’t need: Is your schedule cluttered? How many times do you eat out in a week? How many extracurricular activities do you schedule for yourself or for your kids? Are these activities absolute needs? I believe kids should be given opportunities to learn sports, dance, martial arts, acting, or music. But they don’t need to participate in all of these activities. A clutter free schedule begins with reevaluating your current activities and choosing the ones that are most important. 

Get rid of things you already have that you don’t needOnce you learn to stop buying, chasing, and scheduling things you don’t need, you can take the next step. Get rid of the crap that you don’t need. Start eliminating the clutter in your home, one room at a time. Don’t rush, but don’t stop either. Keep reminding yourself that life is better lived when you actually live life instead of trying to buy it. Get rid of a little at a time and you’ll be clutter free before before you know it.

Your Key To A Clutter Free Life

  1. Stop buying unneeded stuff.
  2. Stop chasing unneeded relationships.
  3. Stop chasing over-the-top dreams.
  4. Stop chasing influencers.
  5. Stop chasing extravagance.
  6. Stop over-scheduling.
  7. Start eliminating what you don’t really need.

Stop Wanting!

That’s it. That’s the key to living a clutter free life. It’s really simple.

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