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A few weeks ago I got an email that got me so excited I had to read it twice. “I’d like to create an iPhone app for Hip Diggs,” were the words written on my screen. Wow! I was excited. Today, I’m happy to say that the Hip Diggs app is available at iTunes. And it’s free!

As I read further into the email it said, “I also created the iPhone app for Zen Habits.” Wow! Could this be true? The same company that made the Zen Habits app wants to work with me on a free Hip Diggs app?

Get the Free Hip Diggs App 

As a blogger, I get all sorts of people emailing me for various reasons. Many of these emails are people wanting something from me. That often means they want my money or my time. I was a little skeptical. But I also had a feeling that this was something different. So I decided to respond to the email. I’m glad I did.

Introducing Lifelike UX Limited

The guy at the other end of the email was Lee Black. I did a little research to discover that Lee had already created some pretty cool apps including one for Zen Habits. Of course, I had questions. Lee had answers. He knew what he was doing. Within a day, he had a prototype of the app ready. I was amazed.

But here’s what’s really cool: Lee believes in minimalism and simple living. He wanted to work on the Hip Diggs app because he wants to support the simple living message. And even though he’s a Scotsman living in Germany and I’m in the United States, we made a connection and have a lot in common.

Introducing The Free Hip Diggs’ App

Ever wanted to have a no fuss app that mimics the content inside? Hip Diggs is simply that. A simple, clean, minimal yet stylistic app design that delivers your everyday hit of positive reading that focuses on simple living.

This is just the beginning. Lee and I are making plans for upgrades and new features. But here’s the best part. The app is free. Did I mention that it’s free?

I encourage you to check out the new, free Hip Diggs app. You can get regular Hip Diggs’ updates in a simple format on your iPhone. That’s pretty cool.

Get The Free Hip Diggs App


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