The Dreaded Garage: 5 Ways To Keep The Clutter Away

One of my neighbors never parks their car in the garage. Why? It’s too full of stuff. Another neighbor has a garage that’s meticulously organized. There’s plenty of room for the car, but there must be 30 feet of shelving packed with all sorts of stuff.

The garage can become an overflow, a place to keep all the stuff you rarely use. But there are ways to keep your garage clutter-free. 

Unclutter Your Space, Unclutter Your Life

I know what you’re thinking right now, “Isn’t this a minimalist site? Minimalists wouldn’t have a garage.” Well, I do. I bought a house and it came with a garage. So there! The fact that my house also has a yard creates a need for a garage. I use my garage very selectively. It’s mostly an open space for my car. Yes, I have a car, too, but it’s very small and economical. 

5 Ways To Keep Your Garage Uncluttered

  1. Don’t use your garage for storage: Garages are meant for cars and tools. That’s about it. I have a couple boxes of Annie’s old keepsakes in ours, but other than that, I stick to its purpose. I keep my VW Golf parked inside. I keep my yard tools in the garage.   
  2. Don’t let your garage become an overflow: I know it’s easy for your garage to become an overflow. I’ve done it. But for me it was a temporary thing. I was going through everything I owned to give stuff away. As I worked through the house, I took the overflow out to the garage. But in the end, I gave it all away.
  3. Keep your space organized: If you’re a homeowner, you need a few tools. I have one small set of shelves and a pegboard for hanging yard tools. I’ve seen some minimalists claim you don’t have to be organized if you don’t have stuff. Poppycock! Even the smallest amounts of stuff need to be organized. I have yard tools and I keep them neatly hung on the wall.  
  4. Keep your space swept: When the floor gets dirty, it’s easy to let the rest go. Clutter is like a virus. You leave a little mess and it’s easier to add to the pile. Sweeping is a very relaxing and meditative task. Keep your garage floor swept and clean. 
  5. Let stuff go: The biggest reason for garages becoming a catch-all is this: you don’t let shit go. Instead of giving things away after you no longer need them, you just stick them out in the garage. Don’t do that. Take a trip to a local charity. Give stuff away. Take a load to the dump if you absolutely must. Just let stuff go.

Everything Has A Purpose

Garages are meant for keeping your car and your tools. Don’t turn it into a storage shed. Practice buying less. Practice keeping less. Practice simple living.

If you’d like some more tips on keeping your space clean, check out the Cleanup Queen on Facebook. Wendy Williams has some great videos for every sort of cleaning job.

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