5 Reasons To Take Your TV Out Of Your Living Room

I took my TV down earlier this year. I’ll admit, I didn’t leave it down. I have an 11-year old. If it were just me, I’d get rid of my TV for good. Have you ever thought to get rid of your TV?

Photo by Dan Erickson

The photo above is the space where I used to keep my TV. It’s in my living room. I’ve wanted to take the TV down for a long time. My daughter’s misbehavior gave me the excuse. After she refused to do her share of chores around the house, I decided to cut Netflix and take down the TV. Could you get rid of your TV? 

I did set the damn thing back up in a small closed-in porch in the back of the house. But in a few years, when my daughter’s off to college, I’ll let her take the TV with her. Better yet, maybe it’ll blow up by then. 

Don’t Keep Your TV In Your Living Room

I don’t watch much TV, so it wouldn’t bother me to see it go. But at least I got the thing out of my living room. And I have 5 good reasons, too. 

  1. You’ll sit on your butt too much: When you keep your TV in your primary living space, you’re much more likely to watch it. That means you’ll sit more and exercise less. That’s not a good combination.
  2. News and politics will only bring you down: The main things I watch on TV are news and politics. Last election season was enough to make me want to smash the TV with a baseball bat. That’s reason enough to get rid of your TV.
  3. There’s little quality entertainment on TV: I can’t remember the last time I saw a television show that I really liked. I’ll keep watching a few favorite movies on the DVD with my daughter. Then I’ll give the whole kit and caboodle away.
  4. You’ll be more productive: I can get much more done without a TV around. I hope to write several more books in the coming years. I can blog, record music, and exercise more frequently without the TV distraction. 
  5. It’s the intelligent thing to do: Some of the he most intelligent people I know do not watch much TV. That says a lot. When you keep your TV in a less-used space, you’ll watch it less often. That’s smart.

Get Rid Of Your TV!

I see little point in owning a TV in this day and age. I can access almost everything I could watch on TV on my computer. What’s the point? 

For now, I’ll keep the TV around a little longer. But that’s only because it’s nice to have for occasional movies with my daughter. The day will come when I’ll get rid of my TV. Will you get rid of your TV? 

I don’t expect you to throw it out tomorrow, but just mull it over. Ask yourself how much value the TV really brings to your life. If the answer is none to little, maybe it’s time to let it go.

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