Over 50 Workout: Simple, Light, And Steady

Do you need an over 50 workout? I used to hit the gym pretty hard in my 20s and 30s. I ran 20-30 miles a week in my 40s. Burnout and injuries always put me into an exercise off-mode. I’d start gaining weight. It was a yo-yo cycle. It was frustrating. Sound familiar?

I’ve learned the secret to getting exercise without burning out. In the last few years, I’ve developed a great over 50 workout. The secret is simple. Exercise lightly first thing every morning. Don’t push too hard.

My over 50 workout requires very little equipment and very little space. It’s so simple that nearly anyone could do it.  

My Over 50 Workout

When I wake up, the first thing I do is use the bathroom and get a large glass of water. Then I go back to my bedroom and make my bed and use it for the following exercises:

  • 10-20 leg lifts
  • 50-100 count of cycling in the air
  • 10-20 side leg lifts each side
  • 5-10 piriformis stretches each side
  • Other various leg and back stretches

Once I finish this set of exercises I get up on my feet and do the following on a simple yoga mat:

  • 10-20 squats without weight
  • 10-20 toe touches
  • 10-20 calf stretches
  • 5-10 reach-to-the-sky stretches
  • 20-30 sit ups on an exercise ball
  • 20-40 twists with a 12 lb. medicine ball
  • 50-100 twists using a staff
  • 20-50 dumbbell curls with varying weight
  • 20-50 dumbbell butterflies with varying weight
  • 15-25 dumbbell triceps with varying weight
  • 10-20 inclined pushups at the kitchen sink
  • 5-10 inclined reverse pushups at the kitchen sink
  • Other various arm and chest exercises

My entire work morning work out takes 15-20 minutes. I tend to start the week off with the lighter weights and smaller repetitions and work up to higher weight and greater repetitions throughout the week. I use 3, 5, 8, and 10 lb. dumbbells. I don’t take breaks between sets.  

Walking, Running, Biking, Hiking

  • Walk 2-3 miles most days
  • Run 1-2 miles a week
  • Hike 10 miles a month during hiking season
  • Bike 5-10 miles a week during biking season
  • Heavier gym work out 1-2 times per week

That’s the gist of my over 50 workout. The point isn’t to get a six-pack or big guns. The point isn’t to prove how far or how fast I can run. The point isn’t to show off. The point is simply to stay flexible, strong, and healthy.

I’ve discovered that the key to staying in shape is twofold:

  1. Make it your first priority.
  2. Don’t push too hard.

By starting with a light workout each morning, I’ve created a healthy habit. By keeping the workout light and doable, I never dread doing it. By getting some exercise early in the day, I set myself up for other forms of exercise later in the day. It really works.

If you’re looking for a good over 50 workout, why don’t you give it a try? Not only does my workout help to keep you fit, it also relieves stress by mixing deep breathing into the sessions.

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