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What’s Hip Diggs about? It’s simple.

Hip: Beyond all trends and conventional coolness.

Diggs: A home, place of residence, or place of business.

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Hip Diggs’ Services

  • Uncluttering: If you need help with simplifying your home or schedule, I’m available for online coaching.
  • Consultation: If you’re creating or redesigning a blog, I can help you create a beautifully simple blog that reaches your intended audience with impact.
  • Personal coaching: I provide personal coaching for writers and bloggers. I offer solid advice for both new and experienced writers and bloggers.  
  • Writing, speaking, and message coaching and designing.
  • Public appearances: Speaking events and conferences.

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What is Hip Diggs

My name is Dan Erickson. I’m a moderate minimalist. I’ve spent most of my life trying to simplify. I reject the ways of consumption and waste and prefer to produce and renew.

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