It’s Sugar Season: How Can You Limit Your Sugar Intake?

Last Halloween, my daughter, Annie, had entirely too much sugar. That was just the beginning. The holiday season is filled with food and fun. But it’s also the most sugary time of the year. I’ve discovered a few ways to use less sugar throughout the holiday season and any other time of the year.

I’m weak. I love ice cream. Although I try to limit my sugar intake, I still use more than I’d like. I’m sure you know how that goes. Temptation is everywhere. But I’ve developed a few ways to use less sugar in our home.

It Seems Like Everyone Gives Kids Sugar These Days

One problem I’ve discovered since becoming a parent: Even if you never give your kid sugar, they’ll still get more than you’d ever have imagined. Schools, churches, friends, grandparents, neighbors, and unsuspecting little old ladies are all pushers. It seems my daughter is exposed to several times the sugar than I was just 40 years ago. She needs less sugar. 

This led me to take a few simple precautions to attempt to limit Annie’s sugar intake. 

4 Ways To Limit Processed Sugar In Your Home

  1. Don’t keep refined sugar in the house: I rarely stock sugar in our home. When I do, I buy raw sugar, not refined sugar. By not having sugar in the house, it limits the amount of sugar used in cooking and as a condiment. Annie can’t sneak it by the teaspoon either. 
  2. Stock fresh fruits: Rather than buying pop, cookies, and candy, I stock fresh fruit. Annie gets enough processed sugar outside of the home. Fresh fruits are a good alternative. 
  3. Stop putting sugar in your coffee: About a year ago I stopped putting sugar and cream in my morning coffee. Would you believe that I’m getting about 25,000 less calories per year because of that simple change? It’s true. Little things can add up.
  4. Eat oatmeal for breakfast: Most cold cereals are loaded with sugar or corn syrup. This is why I make a point to eat oatmeal often. Oatmeal is healthy and you can add blueberries or raisins instead of sugar.

Sugar adds up. It seems to add up more throughout the holiday season. There are plenty of other strategies to keep less sugar in your house. But these four little things have gone a long way for me.

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