Make Space For Those In-Between Places

Do you take on too many responsibilities and projects? I’m guilty of doing that. I forget to make space for myself and my family. I forget to take time to relax and rejuvenate my spirit. Stop pushing so hard and leave some space in-between.

When we work too hard, we lose. I’ll repeat that. When we work too hard, we lose. Here’s why: Our time is precious. If we spend our time chasing money instead of living life and loving others, we’ll regret it in the end.

Busyness seems to be the new norm. Everybody tries to work harder to get ahead. On top of that, we take on volunteer work and other personal commitments. Who are we trying to impress? We work to build lifestyles we can never really enjoy.

What If We Turn Everything Upside-Down?

Consider this: Maybe we stay busy because there’s something missing in our lives. Maybe we don’t make space for those in-between places because we’re afraid we’ll miss out on something better. But what if it’s those little spaces in-between that are important?

They are. When we make space for those in-between places, we find the space to renew our energy. We find time for God, love, and all things good.

I’m a creative individual. I’ve discovered something. My creativity improves after I take a vacation, or a weekend getaway. I become more in tune with my craft when I stop to take in the moments in-between the busyness of life.

Learn How To Make Space To Do Less

Take some time to study your life, your schedule, and ask yourself these questions:

  1. Am I too busy? Be honest. I know I’m busier than I’d like to be. Can I afford to stop working overtime? Do I really need to be in that reading group? What good are political debates on Facebook? Some things steal our time from under us. We’ll never get that time back. 
  2. What can I cut from my life? We have to make a living. We have to take care of our families. Do we really need a second car or another pair of shoes? Material things require time in order to pay for them. When we cut back on what we buy, we can cut back on our work schedule. 
  3. How will I stay on track? Make a plan. Write it down. I have goals to reduce my belongings by 50% in the next few years. In turn, I’ll reduce payments, schedules, and busyness. I’ll make space for more in-between moments.

Start Today: Make Space For The In-Between Places

Take action. Study your calendar. Pick out two things on your schedule that you can cancel in the next month. Consider the cost paid in time and wages before you make your next purchase. Live life in a way that creates more space to live.

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James Ewen
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