A 5-Step Media Diet For Overstimulated Users

Too much media? It’s a common problem these days. Between TV, cable, radio, and of course, the Internet, it’s easy to be overstimulated. But there’s hope: anybody can put themselves on a media diet.

Everyone is connected these days. Most of us are overconnected. We watch news, sports, movies, and more. We’re constantly on the Internet and social media. We’re overstimulated. 

Our time using media takes away from our time doing more worthy and productive endeavors. We sacrifice our health, our bodies, our time with loved ones, and more. There’s an answer for overstimulated users: a media diet.

A 5-Step Media Diet Plan

  1. Survey your usage: Start by keeping a log of how much media you currently use. Make sure to include the media type: radio, TV, magazine, etc. Also, log the content type: movie, social network, documentary, etc. Finally, keep track of the amount of time spent using the media.
  2. Cut out the media carbs: Most people are shocked when they discover how much media they really use. It’s time for a media diet plan. First, get rid of media carbs. This includes all the media that you use as filler. You know, the worthless stuff you do to kill time when you’re bored. 
  3. Reduce media sugar: This is the fun stuff. The comedy movies you love to watch. The three football games you devour each weekend. And the sitcoms you eat up every Thursday evening. It might also include YouTube music videos and an array of video games. You don’t have to quit the sugar, just cut back. 
  4. Get rid of Internet fat: This is the stuff that eats hours of your time each week: blogs, social media, and online news. You know what I’m talking about. It’s the stuff that you don’t really need to view, but you look at anyway. A media diet will help trim this extra fat.
  5. Only consume wholesome media: Here’s the key. Only watch, read, or listen to media that adds value to your life. Media that teaches you something positive. Media that helps you save time. And media that brings you together with loved ones. These uses of media add value.

How To Stick To Your Media Diet

You know how it goes. You start a diet only to give in and eat cheeseburgers and ice cream on day three. Don’t. Here are some ways to stick to your media diet:

  • Reward yourself for good behavior.
  • Set a media curfew,
  • Don’t keep TVs or devices in your bedroom.
  • Take a media-free weekend.
  • Unplug if you’re too tempted.
  • Find productive replacement habits.
  • Look at the positive results.
  • Expect some backsliding.

Nobody’s perfect. You might still slip from time to time. Just make an honest effort to cut back on unnecessary media and you’ll be onto a good start.

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