8 Good Reasons You Should Never Stop Walking

I like a variety of exercise. If I had to choose just one form of exercise, it would be walking. I’ll never stop walking. Walking has too many benefits to give up. Do you walk? If you don’t, may I recommend you start today? Here’s why:

Good News For Walkers

Last summer, The Independent published an article that convinced me that I should never stop walking. If the title of the article doesn’t convince you to do more walking, I’m not sure what will:

A Daily Walk Can Add Seven Years To Your Life

The article explains:

Researchers have found that moderate exercise could halve the risk of dying from a heart attack for someone in their fifties or sixties.

I’ve been a walker since I was a kid. My mom tells me stories of how I’d wear every babysitter out… walking. In my late teens and through my 20s, I chose walking as my major mode of transportation. In my 40s, I started walking daily as my primary form of exercise. Now I’m in my 50s. I like the idea that I can halve my risk of heart attack by walking daily.

I’ve hit the gym and done my fair share of running, but when things keep me from getting to the gym, or an injury stops me from running, I never stop walking.

8 Reasons To Never Stop Walking

  1. Walking keeps you on an even keel: I’ve found as many mental health benefits to walking as physical. I’ve discovered that walking can keep me from getting depressed. It can relieve stress. It can cool me down when I’m excited. Walking keeps me on an even keel.
  2. Walking inspires thought and creativity: As a writer, walking has become one of my best friends. Walking gives me time to think. Thinking leads to creativity. Poems, songs, blog posts, even entire book ideas have developed during long walks.
  3. Walking gets your blood flowing: As we age, our circulation can slow down. If we keep walking, we keep the blood flowing. That’s enough for me to never stop walking.
  4. Walking keeps your lungs working: I often focus on breathing while I walk. Walking briskly will do you better than a slow stroll. Make a point to breathe long and deep as you walk.   
  5. Walking makes your heart stronger: The American Heart Association promotes walking over running for heart health. Walking can help lower blood pressure and high cholesterol. It can also lower the risk of diabetes, heart attack, and stroke. 
  6. Walking works a variety of muscles: Walking is considered a full-body exercise. Legs, arms, back, hips, thighs, and many more muscles get a workout with a walk.
  7. Walking helps you see the world: You can walk anywhere at anytime: beaches, mountains, deserts, prairies, in town, out of town, inside, outside. If you want to slow down and see the details and the beauty of a place, stop driving and start walking.
  8. Walking builds relationships: When you walk with others, you get time for conversation. Conversation builds relationships. I’ve had some great talks with my 10-year-old daughter, Annie, during our walks.

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If you don’t walk regularly, make a point to start. If you already walk, don’t stop. Until I’m no longer physically able, I’m making a promise to myself to never stop walking.

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