What I Keep In My Minimalist Bathroom… It’s Not Much

I’ve been in people’s houses who have cluttered bathrooms. They keep shelves full of stuff in the bathroom. The bathroom counter is cluttered. The floor is a mess. Sometimes it’s so dirty, I hesitate to use it. I believe in a simple and clean bathroom.

First, my bathroom is a bit odd. The gas furnace is housed there. It’s behind a curtain along with some built-in shelves. So I do keep a small stock of toilet paper, paper towels, and air filters for the heater in that storage space. But the bathroom itself is kept simple.

My Minimalist Bathroom

I believe that your most personal spaces are the best places to begin decluttering. My bedroom and bathroom are the two simplest rooms in my home. Let’s start with what I keep on the walls.

I keep one small picture of a boat on the water on my wall. It gives the place a little color. There are two built-in towel racks. I keep one hand towel and one bath towel. That’s all for the walls.

Next, the medicine cabinet: Mine is half empty. I make a point to use as few medicines as possible. Ibuprofen, allergy relief, anti-acid, and something for rashes are about the only things in there. I also keep some extra shaving and dental-hygiene supplies. But that’s about it.

The sink area is kept clean and neat. I keep an electric shaver, a bar of soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss. There are also a pair of tweezers, some small scissors, and some nail clippers. That’s all.

Under the sink is where I keep my hair clippers and hand mirror. I keep my hair cut short and do it myself. There ‘s also a simple spare part for the toilet under the sink. Might as well have it in case the old one gives out.

The only thing I keep on the toilet is a can of air-freshener. I keep a bar of soap and back scrubber in the shower. The floor is clear but for a small garbage can. No more. There are probably only about 25 things in my bathroom.

My daughter’s bathroom is a different story, but we won’t go there today.

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