6 Reasons To Start With A Simple Bedroom

If you’ve been thinking about trying minimalism as a lifestyle, you should start in your bedroom. Why? I’m glad you asked. Today, I’ll offer 6 reasons to keep a simple bedroom.

My simple bedroom: Photo by Deccio Creative

This is my bedroom. There’s a little more in it than what you see in this photo. I have a small dresser and a couple of pieces of art on the walls. But that’s it. My closet is fairly sparse, too. But I’ll save that for another post.

Your bedroom is your most personal space. It defines much about who you are. When you keep a simple bedroom, you’ll be helping yourself in several ways.

Why Keep A Simple Bedroom?

  1. Set the example for the rest of the house: If you keep a simple bedroom, chances are greater that you’ll follow suit in other rooms. Minimalism is a habit. Start the habit in your most personal of spaces.
  2. Learn how to minimize: You have to start somewhere. Going through your excess stuff and organizing your bedroom in a minimalist fashion will teach you the strategies and tactics of minimalism.
  3. Give to others with more needs: You know you have more than you need. I still do and I’ve been downsizing for years. When you keep a simple bedroom, you can give what you don’t use to others.
  4. Motivate others in your home: My daughter, Annie, is not a minimalist. But each time I give things away, she is inspired. She actually got rid of two bags of old toys during my last purge.
  5. Get better sleep: Bedrooms are made for sleeping (and sex). If your bedroom is distraction-free, you’ll be much more likely to get a good night’s sleep.
  6. Create a personal sanctuary: Do you have a place in your home where you can escape to? With an 11-year-old girl in the house, I can use my bedroom as a personal sanctuary. Sometimes when things are chaotic in the house, I read, pray, and meditate in my bedroom.

Minimalism Starts In Your Most Personal Spaces

Remember, as you continue on your minimalist journey, you’ll begin to discover that less is more. When you keep less stuff in your bedroom, you’ll have more space. When you buy less clothing, you’ll have more money. Make a point to keep a simple bedroom.

I encourage you to spend a few hours this week going through your bedroom. Make a pile of things you no longer need or use. Give them to charity. Then neatly organize what remains.

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