21 Ways That Less Is Really More

You’ve heard the phrase, “less is more.” What does it really mean? It’s simple. Less is more. Today, I’ll show you 21 ways that less is really more. 

It’s Not Just Lip Service: Less Is Really More

1. Less home = more savings: I’ve lived in everything from travel trailers to 2000-square-foot homes. A smaller house saves you a lot of money and time. You have a smaller monthly payment, smaller utility bills, and less cleaning time. Consider living small. 

2. Less furnishings = more space: Do you ever feel like your home lacks space? Does it feel cluttered? There’s a simple solution: downsize your furniture. Only have the furnishings you absolutely need.

3. Less fast food = more health: Fast food and prepackaged food is often filled with fats and chemicals. Try eating fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, and nuts. You’ll feel better. 

4. Less fuel usage = more fresh air: If you live in a major city, you know how bad air pollution can get. I realize one person can’t solve the problem, but for each person that uses less fuel, there will be that much more fresh air.

5. Less meetings = more time: If your schedule is filled with unnecessary meetings and appointments, cancel some. Don’t take on more than you can handle. Allow yourself more space in your schedule. Use that time to spend with your loved ones.  

6. Less engine = more fuel efficiency: I love the look of muscle cars, but I’d never buy one. I drive a car with a smaller, more efficient engine. I can drive twice as far on half the fuel. If you drive a vehicle with a big engine, consider downsizing.

7. Less clothing = more simplicity: Owning less clothes makes morning decisions much easier. I have a small wardrobe with many similar items. It makes it easy to just dress and go.

8. Less work = more fun: We have to make a living, but often people overwork in order to keep up their lifestyle of too much. Once you downsize in a few other areas of your life, you’ll be able to cut back on working hours. This gives you time to have more fun with friends and family.

9. Less busyness = better relationships: One reason people fail at relationships is that they’re too busy to put any effort into them. When you slow down and make more time in your schedule, you’ll be able to focus on those relationships. 

10. Less consumption = more time for God: Let’s face it, nearly everything we buy can distract us from the spiritual life. When we consume less, we have more time to focus on God.

11. Less garbage = more clean water: You’ve probably heard about all the plastic in our oceans. It comes from our garbage. If you want cleaner oceans and water, make less garbage.

12. Less technology = more freedom: People seem to get tied to their phones and tablets these days. That’s not freedom. It’s addiction. When you limit how much technology you use, you’ll discover you have more freedom.

13. Less anger = more understanding: Angry people are not understanding people. Learn to curb your anger and see the world from others’ perspectives. You’ll become more empathetic and understanding.  

14. Less complaining = more gratefulness: You probably know someone who constantly complains. They’re probably not very fun to be around. If you complain too much, try being thankful for the good things in your life instead.

15. Less driving = more exercise: Don’t drive if you don’t have to. If you live close to work, you could walk or bike. I often walk to the grocery store for small shopping needs. Every mile you walk or ride is more exercise.

16. Less clutter = more relaxation: A cluttered space can create a chaotic atmosphere. A chaotic atmosphere can lead to nervousness and anxiety. When you keep your space uncluttered, you’ll discover that you feel more relaxed and at ease. 

17. Less sitting = more activity: Many studies have shown that sitting for extended periods of time is hazardous to your health. When you get up from your seat, you move around. Get up. Get active. You’ll feel better.

18. Less stress = more happiness: Who wants stress? Stress leads to frustration and poor health. When you find ways to live more simply, you reduce your stress level. A reduced stress level leads to more happiness.

19. Less alcohol = more stability: If you drink more than an occasional glass of wine or beer, you might be drinking too much. Too much drinking can lead to a plethora of problems. Most people I know who drink too much live unstable lives. 

20. Less shopping = more money: Many of the things we buy are not really needed. Some people even buy stuff to fulfill an emotional hole. But all this buying costs money. If you want more money, do less shopping.

21. Less entertainment = more productivity: Do you ever wonder how some people can produce so much? If you study their lives, you’ll discover that they probably don’t watch a lot of TV. They likely don’t play video games. A little entertainment is okay, but when it becomes more than a few hours a week it’s a big time thief.

Are You Convinced Yet? Less Is More!

There are many more than 21 ways that less is really more, but you’re getting the idea. I hope you’ll make an effort to find areas in your own life where you could turn excess into more of something better.

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