My Minimalist Bedroom: 10 Tips To Rest Easy

I may be a moderate minimalist, but one room that I keep super simple is my bedroom. It’s also one of the most peaceful rooms in my home. Today, I invite you to learn more detail about my minimalist bedroom.

Your Bedroom Is Your Personal Refuge

Why would you want it to be a cluttered mess? A spacious bedroom creates a sense of peace and beauty. My minimalist bedroom is an escape from the chaos of life. It’s my resting place. I keep it as simple as possible.

When you go into your bedroom, it should invite rest and relaxation. There are many things you can do to create a peaceful atmosphere. That’s why I keep a minimalist bedroom. 

10 Tips For A Simple Bedroom

  1. Minimal furniture: I have three pieces of furniture in my bedroom: a queen-sized bed, a three-drawer dresser, and a small bedside table. A single person really needs no more furniture than this in the bedroom. I’ve gone with smaller beds in the past, but a queen has six extra inches of length for a taller person. Memory foam is my preferred mattress and pillow material.  
  2. Light colors: My walls are white. My shades are white. My comforter is white. This makes the room light and relaxing in the day. A light room gives off positive energy.
  3. Dark curtains: I have dark brown, light-cancelling curtains. This induces sleep. I’ve had trouble sleeping at times, and I make sure to do whatever I can to make it easier to sleep. After all, your bedroom should be primarily for sleeping.
  4. Comfortable bedding: Don’t skimp on bedding. You don’t need a lot, just be willing to buy high-quality sheets with a high thread count. I’ve gone through several comforters before I discovered the value of a heavy comforter. It doesn’t slide off the bed. In the summer, I use a Pendleton camp blanket. I only own one set of sheets and a few blankets. 
  5. Clean floor: Occasionally, I’ll leave a set of clothes by the door at bedtime, but they go to the laundry in the morning. Other than the furniture and a garbage can, there is nothing else on my minimalist bedroom floor. A clean floor creates an open feel and keeps you from tripping over clutter.
  6. Organized closet: My closet is not overstuffed. It’s not sparse either. It has just enough. I keep about 5 sets of clothes, a few extra jackets and ties, a few pairs of shoes, a few backpacks and bags, a handful of hats, and a small cubicle to organize personals like my belts, tee-shirts, wallet, and keys. I also have a sleeping bag, and few sets of dumbbells for exercise. Everything is neat. I usually keep the doors closed.
  7. Calming artwork: Things of beauty are worth keeping. I have two pieces of art in my room. Both are water scenes, Water is calming. 
  8. No digital devices: Sometimes, I do keep my phone in my room in case I get an emergency call. That’s all. No TV. No tablets. No computer. Occasionally, I’ll use a digital device in the room, but they don’t stay in the room. TV and computers do not induce sleep. The blue light actually steals melatonin from your body and hinders sleep.
  9. A clock radio: I wake up to the news on NPR. I’ve loved radio since I was a child. I even worked as a dee-jay for a few years. Radio gives me a sense of nostalgic comfort. Your bedroom should have place for a few comfort items. 
  10. No clutter: Don’t let clutter build up in your bedroom. A clutter-free bedroom creates a peaceful atmosphere. Peace induces rest and sleep. My bed is usually made and the top of my dresser is usually clear. I tidy up daily.

Rest Easy In A Minimalist Bedroom

If you want to rest easy and sleep well, you need to create the right atmosphere in your bedroom. Keeping it simple, light, and free of clutter will bring a sense a calm and space. My minimalist bedroom is one of my favorite places to simply relax. Do you keep a simple bedroom?

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