5 Reasons To Start Playing A Musical Instrument


Minimalism opens up room for creativity. There are many creative outlets you could choose. I choose music. Music can increase brainpower. Music is fun. Consider playing a musical instrument today.

It’s no secret. I love playing musical instruments. I started my love affair with music as a six-year-old kid. At nine, I started writing songs. At ten, I started playing the trumpet. I’ve been playing a variety of instruments and writing songs for all of my adult life.

Music has been a companion, a therapist, and a wonderful ride. There are many reasons to take up a musical instrument. Let’s look at a few of them.

Do You Have The Music In You?

  1. It’s therapy: I’ve seen a professional therapist twice in my life. I’ve played music most every day for years. Guess what? I’ve discovered that playing a musical instrument is a great way to relieve stress and deal with pent-up emotions. I’ve saved a lot of money in therapist bills.
  2. It’s brain food: It’s been proven that playing music makes you smarter. Kids who play music in school get better grades overall than kids who don’t play music.
  3. It’s fun: Music can be fun as a hobby. Whether you play a musical instrument alone or with others, you’ll find hours of pleasure and excitement in the learning process. When you play with others you get the added bonus of great social interaction.
  4. It teaches patience: I’ll be honest. Learning a musical instrument can be challenging. You won’t become a maestro overnight. It takes patience. Patience is a valuable trait. When you learn patience by playing music, you’ll discover that patience will cross over into other areas of your life.
  5. It teaches discipline: If you want to become a more disciplined person, take up music. In order to improve, you must be committed to practicing every day. I’ve also become much more disciplined in my exercise and diet because I learned discipline by playing a musical instrument.

Some Articles On Playing A Musical Instrument

If you answer yes to more than a couple of the following questions, you should be playing a musical instrument:

  1. Do I love melody, harmony, or rhythm?
  2. Do I want to increase my brainpower?
  3. Can I spare half an hour a day?
  4. Do I want a fun and relaxing hobby?
  5. Do I want to develop more patience?

How To Get Started Playing Music

  • Decide what instrument suits you best: What’s your favorite sound when you listen to music? How much finger strength do you have?
  • Buy a starter instrument: Don’t spend a lot of money on your first instrument. Start at entry level.
  • Buy some introductory books: Ask someone at the local music store about the books that will work best for your level.
  • Practice and play: Spend time practicing from your book. But also, take some time to be open and free. Experiment with your musical instrument,  
  • Take lessons: I’ve not taken many lessons. But if you need the guidance, lessons can be a great option.

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