Why I Don’t Make New Year’s Resolutions: Making Positive Change A Daily Habit

It’s almost 2016! Have you made any resolutions? I haven’t and I won’t, unless you consider my annual statement of making no resolutions as a resolution. Here’s the deal! How many times have you made New Year’s resolutions only to fail at completing them? How many people do you know who have done the same thing? Chances are you just ran out of fingers to count on. My advise: make no resolutions!

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Why Do New Year’s Resolutions Fail?

Because they have not become habits. Is there an alternative way to achieving success? Yes! Make no resolutions. Instead, set goals consistently throughout the entire year. Do this every year. If you do this, you’ll see positive change on a regular basis. I guarantee it!

That doesn’t mean that the coming of a new year is not a good time to review your progress and set new goals. It is. I review my goals and set new ones every December. I do the same thing January through November. Check out these posts:

Do you think Usain Bolt, the world’s fastest man, became the world’s fastest man by making a New Year’s resolution to go from 0 to 28mph in one year? Certainly not. He spent many years working to achieve his incredible speed. Do you think he waited until the end of each year to set all his goals as New Year’s resolutions? Again, the answer is likely a resounding, “No!”

Make Daily Resolutions

The key to success is to continually push yourself to achieve more. This means you need to consistently review your current position. You need to set new goals regularly. It doesn’t mean you have to let your life be consumed with success and setting goals. You can choose your own speed. You don’t have to reach 28mph. You can settle for 17mph, 10mph, or even 4mph. The key is to keep moving forward.

I hope you’ll join me in making no resolutions this year. Instead, start making positive change a daily habit. Happy 2016 from Hip Diggs!

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