A Photo Tour Of My Moderately Minimalist Living Room

I don’t live in a tiny house with less than 100 things. I do try to keep my home simple. My daughter’s still living at home, so my living room includes a piano and a television. Come on in for a photo tour and see for yourself.

Photo by Deccio Creative

Note the old trunk (above) that works perfectly as an end table. I paid less than $50 for this piece. It’s practical, minimal, and retro. I’ve owned the leather chair and sofa for nearly ten years.

The books and CDs you see on the shelves by the fireplace include the majority of my collection. I’ve gone from owning 1000s of books and CDs to just a select few. A few board games and children’s books are kept on the lower shelves for Annie.

Minimalism shouldn’t be about getting rid of everything, but rather letting go of the things you no longer need or use. Chances are that this small collection will become smaller still in the future.

Antiques & Minimalism

Photo by Deccio Creative

This old desk (above) is another antique I picked up for less than $100. It’s solid and practical

The old Underwood typewriter was given to me by some good friends. They thought it was fitting because I’m a writer. It’s also worth $300 or more. I thought it looked nice on the desk for the photo tour, but I actually use the desk for writing.

Music Is A Big Part Of Our Life

I keep a musical instrument in most every room of the house. The living room is home to an old piano that was given to us when we moved into the house. My daughter takes lessons and plays it daily.

Note the mandolin on the wall. Musical instruments make great pieces of art, but I also play the mandolin for Vox Nova, a small acoustic band.

Photo by Deccio Creative

Minimalism doesn’t include getting rid of things that create value. Music is valuable. As a life-long musician, musical instruments are an important part of my minimalist home

Here’s a full shot of the sitting area in the living room (below). The piano sits directly across from the sofa. I hate coffee tables because they take up extra floor space. So you’ll never see one sitting in front of my sofa.  

Photo by Deccio Creative

Thanks For Taking The Photo Tour

That’s about it. A minimalist space makes for a short photo tour. 

I don’t have a good photo of the entertainment center, but it’s not what you’d expect. It’s simply an antique, two-door cabinet, with a 28-inch TV on top. We keep a few CDs and DVDs in the cabinet. That’s all.

When Annie is ready for college, I’ll gladly let her take the TV.

Thanks for taking the photo tour. I’d like to share a free ebook with you. Just click the link below to get your free copy today:

The Happiness Of Simple


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