Quiet Your Mind For 10 Minutes A Day

I don”t really meditate in the traditional sense. But I make a point to quiet my mind every day. It only takes a few minutes and it can help you gain a greater sense of peace.

Life can be stressful. But one way to reduce your stress level is to quiet your mind. I’ve found a variety of ways to do this, but I usually just sit and do nothing. Here’s a simple guide.

How To Quiet Your Mind Daily

  1. Set a time: Like anything else, you need to schedule quiet time. I have a couple of times: Early morning and late evening. That works around my job and my parenting responsibilities. But sometimes I’ll sneak some time in at my office at work, too.
  2. Set a place: A chair is usually my place. I have a chair in the living room. I have one outside for the good weather months. But sometimes I’ll even quiet my mind while I’m walking.
  3. Eliminate distractions: Turn off all electronics. Make sure that other people are not going to need you during your silent time. This is why I most often wait until my daughter is sleeping.
  4. Sit still: Okay, I know I said that sometimes I walk, but to really empty your thoughts, sitting still is best. Relax and be comfortable. You could even lay down or sit in a recliner if you want.
  5. Breathe: Take regular, deeper than normal breaths. Focus on the air as it goes in and goes out. Continue to relax.
  6. Don’t think: This is the hard part. It’s also the part that I don’t force upon myself. That’s why I say I don’t really practice traditional meditation. But I am able to simply let my thoughts and worries drift away at times.
  7. Repeat: 10 minutes is not always consecutive for me. I might get a few minutes in the morning, a few in the afternoon, and a few in the evening. The more we turn short bits of quiet time into a habit, the more likely we are to extend those bits of time.

Just Make A Point To Do Nothing

Quieting your mind does not have to be a long and extensive form of meditation. Even taking a few short moments each day to simply do nothing can help. The idea is to unbusy yourself from the constant thoughts going through your mind.

Do nothing.


James Ewen
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