Repurpose Old Stuff And Save Money In The Long Run

Minimalists talk a lot about giving things away. If you don’t use it, let it go. Not so fast. Have you ever gotten rid of something that you could have used later? Sometimes it makes more sense to repurpose things rather than giving them away.

The antique piece in the photo above isn’t mine. But if I had use for it, I would gladly own it. In fact, all of my furniture looks similar to this piece: old and tattered. When it comes to furniture, I’ve simply made a point to repurpose other people’s old stuff. I also consider repurposing my own stuff before I give it away.

What Does It Mean To Repurpose Something?

Repurposing is simply finding another use for an existing object. Minimalists suggest we give as much away as possible. As someone who believes in being practical, I suggest we think about ways to repurpose first.

Some things I’ve repurposed:

  • Beds: I’ve passed old beds onto my daughter. I use an old futon as a daybed in the sunroom. They both still get plenty of use. If I’d have given them away, I’d have wound up buying more stuff in the long run. 
  • Electronics: I still have an old iPhone 4. I use it solely as a camera in my audio/video studio. That allowed me to give away two old cameras that have no wifi connection. 
  • Art: Before you get rid of old art, rethink. You could make something into an outdoor piece or hang it in your garage. I’ve used old art and frames for some my daughter’s art projects. Don’t keep it if it’s just clutter. But repurpose old art before you buy something new. 
  • Furniture: If I truly have no use for a piece of furniture, I let it go. But I’ve often discovered that an old cabinet or set of shelves might work in a different room, or in the garage to organize tools. 
  • Construction supplies: If you own a home and you do your own maintenance, this is a no-brainer. When I tore an old fence apart last summer, I was able to reuse posts for another fence section. The wood came in handy as replacement boards. My neighbors used some of the wood to build a manger display for a Christmas program at their church.

Repurpose And Save Money

If I’d have thrown out or given away stuff without considering repurposing items, I’d just have wound up buying more stuff down the road.

By repurposing my own stuff and other people’s old stuff, I’ve saved thousands of dollars. My entire home is furnished on a shoestring budget. Who needs shiny new minimalist furniture when repurposed items work fine. Why should I buy a sleek $2000 bicycle when I can get a quality used bike for much less?

Think before you give stuff away. Think before you buy. Can you repurpose something to fit your needs?

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